What Are You Doing Over Holiday Break? Head to the Liberty Science Center!

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Not only is the Liberty Science Center a whole lot of enjoyment, but it will also keep the kid’s brains engaged while they are off from school.  Don’t worry- they will be having so much fun they won’t notice that they are learning things.  With the kids soon to be out of school for holiday break (in general driving you stark raving mad, especially since you can’t let them outside as long as you might in warmer months), you will be glad to have a day out at the Liberty Science Center.

Liberty Science CenterThe kiddos had such a good time- we easily could have spent even longer at the LSC, but by 4:30 mom and dad were ready to call it a day.   (We got there at 11 am, so it was a fairly long day.)  There are tons of activities and exhibits, in a bunch of different genres- animal science, biology, earth science, working out puzzles and mind twisters, ecology, weather, music- if you can think of it, they have it.  They even have live animals, reptiles, and aquariums.  There is also plenty of physical activity for the kids to engage in.

IMAG0593One of the newest fun activities is the Infinity Climber. The only one like it in the world, it is suspended several floors up and relies on just one point of contact for stability and suspension. Kids and adults can climb into it and go crazy- find their way up and down and through- in any way they desire.

About the “Infinity Climber”

The “Infinity Climber” is a free-form, three dimensional, multi-story climbing structure created for children. Designed by Spencer Luckey, the sculpture is made out of bent plywood platforms that are suspended by steel pipes and cables. Located in the large atrium of the Liberty Science Center, visitors have the opportunity to climb, crawl, and balance through this extraordinary experience in a safe, but physically challenging environment designed to promote sensorimotor learning.

liberty science centerIMAG0532In the same area is the “Touch Tunnel and climbing wall.  The touch tunnel is an 80-foot, crawl-through, pitch-black tunnel.  This exhibit has been the favorite at LSC for years, make sure you check it out. It can sometimes have quite a line- check back often to get in!  The climbing wall lets kids traverse a mountain- ok, a wall- as they figure out the best way to get from one side to the next. There is also several theaters, including a dome IMAX theater that lets you see in amazing detail- it is almost like 3D, sans the glasses.

kids museum

You can experience many hands- on exhibits, whether it’s learning about animals or insects, making a project or doing an experiment, checking out lab equipment and using it yourself, or watching some amazing science displays that the staff puts on.

liberty science museumAbout Liberty Science Center

The Liberty Science Center is located at 222 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City, NJ. The center is dedicated to bringing the excitement of science to people of all ages housing 12 museum exhibition halls, a live animal collection with 110 species, giant aquariums, a 3D theater, the nation’s largest IMAX Dome Theater, live simulcast surgeries, tornado and hurricane-force wind simulators, K-12 classrooms and labs, and teacher-development programs. LSC is the most visited museum in New Jersey and the largest interactive science center in the NYC-NJ metropolitan area.

IMAG0571On the Way Out

Make sure you stop at the gift shop- there are so many cool things. One of the most interesting (and a great way to give back) is the “adopt a monkey” kit.  You can even buy them online for the holidays if you want to.

You can help provide for the care and feeding of all the animals that call LSC home and support the Science Center’s wildlife by adopting a tamarin through our Adopt-An-Animal program. Your support directly benefits the animals through diet, medical care, enrichment items, habitat enhancements and grooming supplies. In addition, the support will help develop and sustain animal education programs at the Center.

You can support the animals of Liberty Science Center by adopting a Tamarin with a $35 tax-deductible contribution (plus shipping and handling of $8.00).

For your contribution, you will receive:

• Animal plush with special ear tag in LSC custom packaging

• Silicone wristband

• Postcard of adopted tamarin

• Species fact sheet

• Certificate of adoption

This makes a great gift AND helps encourage animal awareness. Adopt an-Animal is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, businesses, teacher appreciation, school classes and more.

Purchase online, visit the We Love the Animals at LSC sales kiosk or call 201.253.1439 to purchase.  Shipping and Handling is an additional $8.00.


  1. we love the science center. This one looks great. If we are ever in the area, we’d take our kids there!

  2. My kids would go crazy over a place like this. That play structure is something that I would want to go into as well. Very cool!

  3. This looks like such an amazing place! I love the variety of stuff that they have for kids, from the hands-on science activities to the climbing stuff. I wish there were more places like this, and I can imagine this would be a great thing to do over Christmas break!

  4. Rebecca Swenor says

    It looks like the kids had a blast indeed. I love taking the kids to a place that they can learning and a science center is a perfect place for that. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Melissa Pezza says

    That looks so cool! I’d love to take the kids there.

  6. i love liberty sci center.
    it has been entirely too long since ive been there.

  7. that looks like an amazing place to visit

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