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There are many coupon sites on the internet, and it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. Some are confusing to find the actual deals, others are way too spammy, and others don’t really offer as many good deals as you would hope. One of the better sites out there is Verified Codes.

What makes them unique is that they update daily AND they offer 50% off and up. This section specializes in items which are more then half off. This may not surprise some of you, but the few times I have checked the site recently, there have been business card deals, backup phone batteries, Oakley eye wear, and brand name store deals as well. Now is the prefect time for catch some stellar deals. With the holiday shopping season wound down, it is now clearance time in many establishments so keep an eye on Verified Codes daily. Those great deals will not last long, but will make you smile for a very long time.

Verified Codes is broken down into a few categories in its banner. These are, “Coupons, Deals, Stores, Printable Coupons, 50%+ Off coupons, Newest, Expiring today, and 50%+ Off.

Personally while browsing, I found hitting the Newest then Expiring Today made the most sense, followed by 50%+, which was last but not least in my trek to find great deals. I especially like the varied deals available, not only for department stores but also specialty electronics and special interest stores, all of which have heavy discounts leading to new happy customers. I love these sites to add to my arsenal of boredom busters and price checkers. Right before I click “Buy”, I like to check the price very quickly, to make sure I am getting the best price available. In doing so, this has often saved me some last minute money. This has now been added to the list of sites to check out on a daily basis. That 50%+ section is very tempting, and great for bargain finding.


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