Back to School Backpacks

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Back to school is a crazy time of year- and not many parents relish back to school shopping.  No matter what your kids need for school this year, they are sure to need a backpack to carry all their “stuff” to and from classes, home, and back again.  Here are some fun and functional choices for your students-


Got a little one entering Pre-K or Kindergarten this year?  He or she will love Bixbee, and so will you.  These are just the cutest bags with great patterns and styles.  Some have wings, some have animal faces and ears- heck, even shark fins.  For bigger kids, they have tamer color palettes and more typical styles of backpack.  The cool thing about Bixbee is that they come in three sizes, so they will fit your child’s stature.  Some backpacks only come in certain sizes, or only one or two options, but you will be able to find one that fits your child’s style and size.  It’s recommended that the backpack rest in the lower back, and no more then four inches below the waist to avoid causing chronic pain, which is important to Bixbee.  These backpacks are also sturdy, PVC, BPA, phthalate, and lead free, and have many pockets for your child’s belongings.  Bixbee cares about kids- when you buy a backpack, they donate one to a child in need somewhere in the world.  What else can you ask for in a backpack?  Comfort, style, and caring. You can get yours at


Wildkin backpacks and lunch bags are great for kids who like all their things to match, or parents who find it easier to grab everything when it all looks the same.  Not only are backpacks and lunchboxes available, but nap mats, sports bags, pencil cases, and more.  The material is not at tough as some of the bags out there, so if you have a child that is tough on his or her gear, these might not last as long as others.  The patterns are delightful- I have purchased several things for my child in one of them, including his very first “big boy” bedding set.  There are many different types of packs, bags, and duffels- check out the site and get what you need for the upcoming year at



When it comes to school gear, you want to choose wisely, and you don’t want to have to buy the same items over and over because they were flimsy or poorly made.  Introducing Chooze Bags and coordinating lunch boxes.  Not only are they durable (and I personally took this one for a few days as well as my son’s own use of it), but they also have the added and somewhat unusual bonus of  being able to turn it inside out for a whole new look if you get tired of one version. They are totally reversible, with two fully functional sides, giving kids the ability to swap prints and styles without swapping backpacks.  I really like this backpack- it has tough side bags for water bottles and whatnot, many pockets, pouches, and places to keep your items, and zippers that don’t catch or pull. The straps are also padded, which is great- you know how heavy those backpacks can get.  Tons of options to chooze from (see what I did there? So clever….)- get yours now at


If you are looking for something delicious to stick into lunchboxes this year, try Noosa Yoghurt.   The tastes and flavor combinations, along with the fact that it is made in small batches on a small family farm, make this unlike any other yogurt on the market today.  Made with all natural whole milk, fresh fruit purees, and honey, one bite will keep you coming back for more.  My husband is now an addict. It’s also  all natural, gluten-free, and probiotic, so it’s good for the whole family.  It comes in a variety of sizes- some just perfect for lunchboxes (some bigger for the husbands who want more). With flavors like Cranberry Apple, Pumpkin, Honey, Strawberry Rhubarb, and more, you can find both fun and unusual flavors or favorites like Vanilla and Blueberry.   Find a store that sells Noosa near you at


  1. those backpacks are so cute.
    i remember when i was growing up we only had unicolor drab backpacks

  2. that little fox is adorable

  3. i love those backpacks going back to school in style with cool backpacks is so much fun.

  4. Love that Fox backpack! I really like that for every one purchased one gets donated. I never heard of that brand yogurt but I will look to see if it is sold anywhere near me and if it is I will try it.

  5. Linda Carmical says

    Such a cute print for a backpack. Perfect for a boy or girl.

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