6 Back to School Necessities

Summer is many people’s favorite season of the year, and for a good reason too. You get to soak up the sunlight, visit beaches, stay up late, see your favorite shows and spend quality time with your family. However, as the summer starts winding down, you want to slide back into work and school mode gradually. 

kids back to school

The back-to-school season is fast approaching. The earlier you make plans, the better the transition is. There are several items that can help families transition seamlessly and put everyone in the right frame of mind. 

  1. Alarm Clock 

After getting used to waking up and sleeping at odd hours, families struggle to make that adjustment to the routine lifestyle of the back-to-school season. However, investing in a good alarm clock can make all the difference. One key to productivity is developing a consistent sleep schedule. An alarm clock comes in handy, especially after all the late-night shows and parties.

Sleeping and waking up at a consistent time helps the internal biological clock. Often, people need help to transition back to this. This is where an alarm clock is useful. 

There are smarter alarms that use vibrations and bright lights rather than the disturbing sound from the typical clock. Some brands now design alarm clocks that mimic the sun. These wake-up lights simulate the dawn and dusk pattern of the sunlight, helping us wake earlier and naturally.  

  1. Vitamins 

The summer season is synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle of binge-watching movies, altering sleep patterns, and dehydration from alcohol use. It is also a season when so many people break their workout routine. Lack of exercise and other patterns affect the immune system. It is thus essential to find the right vitamins to boost the immune system in the back-to-school season. 

The back-to-school season also opens and exposes people to different germs. Vitamin C, E, A, and D help improve the immune system by preventing and fighting off infections. They support biochemical reactions and are a potent source of antioxidants. Sources of these vitamins are almonds, spinach, bell peppers, carrots, pumpkins, salmon, among others. 

It can often be an uphill task to get the recommended amount of vitamins the body needs from food. Nutritionists often recommend supplements. Supplements come in capsules, tablets, soft gel, powders, and gummies. Gummies are an increasingly popular choice because they are convenient and easy to take on the go. Immune gummies improve the amount of vitamins in the body while strengthening your immune system.

  1. Workout Equipment

It is important to develop a workout routine and stick to it. Knowing your fitness goals will make this easier. Do you want to lose weight or add some muscles? 

Once this is clear, you can focus on being consistent by registering at a gym or buying workout equipment. Equipment like the treadmill or the magnetic exercise bike would make wonderful additions. Also, find activities that would be more engaging for you, such as hiking, swimming, and strolling. This way, you nurture the need for consistency.  

  1. Glass Tupperware

Glass tupperware is an effective food storage container. You want a storage container that can preserve your kids’ food for the longest possible time. They are safer than plastic containers. 

Glass containers are also stronger than plastic and hold heat better. They don’t leak unwanted chemicals into food when heated. They are transparent and more hygienic, making them appropriate for storage. Another alternative is to purchase a lunchbox with adequate insulation. 

  1. Water Bottle

Regular water intake helps prevent infections, regulates body temperature, and delivers nutrients to cells to aid organ functioning. It is important to have a water bottle at work, school, or workout sessions. Stainless steel bottles are a fantastic option for kids to avoid damage. It is also important to purchase a reusable bottle to cut down on plastic waste and environmental pollution.   

  1. Comfortable Shoes

Another item to get off your bucket list for the back-to-school season is comfortable shoes. Work has resumed, and there will be a lot of running around and standing. You need to have comfortable shoes that can handle all that walking. Comfortable shoes are stylish, making them ideal for parents and children. 

Manufacturers make comfortable shoes with breathable materials that prevent foot pain. They aid body posture and prevent leg problems, such as joint ailments. There is a shoe option for every individual need.

Good Health, Good Productivity

Planning for the back-to-school season helps ease the stress and smoothens transition. The aim of the summer season is to resume work feeling rejuvenated. For this to happen, it is essential to prepare and take care of your health in the process. 



Back pain is a prime reason for people to visit their doctor regularly. A lot of time and money loss comes along with the stress that the back endures. Back pain episodes can be haunting to some people giving them in between triggers.

Severe back pain treatment measures can be taken to avoid or reduce pain. However, making a few lifestyle changes is crucial to have a pain-free back for a lifetime. Even though a few surgeries are available, they are only suggested in the rarest circumstances. 

Symptoms Associated With Back Pain

Back pain symptoms range from mild to Extreme. If not treated on time, mild ones can be an everyday experience hampering your day-to-day life. Extreme symptoms require a careful attitude and specific medical treatments to get it fixed.

When Is The Right Time To Seek Medical Help?

A lot of people end up living a part of their life continually lamenting about their back pain. Sometimes the symptoms can cause much more trouble that people can deal with.

Hence, it is advisable to seek expert intervention when the pain breaches the paradigm of safety. 


  • Pain continues for one month or more


When a cycle of severe back pain treatment continues for more than two or three weeks, it is advisable to seek the doctor’s help. 


  • No amount of rest can cure it


Several people take leaves from their office to give their back a resting period. If such a break does no good, it’s time to see your doctor.


  • Coupled with a weight loss


If your back pain is causing a weight loss, then it could be a sign of something serious. 


  • Legs get equally strained


If your back’s pain is causing stress in your legs and walking is difficult, then it’s better to see a doctor.

Risk Prone Groups

Although no one is supposed to take back pain for granted, certain groups fall in the risk category. 

  1. People in their 40s or 50s should be much more careful and avoid taking a load on their back.
  2. People who do not indulge in any form of exercise are usually very less flexible, hence, more prone to attract back pain issues at a younger age.
  3. Obese people struggle with back pain because of unusual weight distribution in their bodies. 
  4. People undergoing depression or extreme stress find it difficult to cope up with a healthy lifestyle. For such people, back pain can be a tough battle to beat. 

Lifestyle Changes To Help With Back Pain

Several lifestyle changes can prove to be a miracle for people experiencing back pain. The key is to make these habits a part of your life. it will be best to set a reminder or ask someone to monitor your habits closely. 


  • Perform Daily Exercises 


Light exercises performed daily can lead to significant changes in the back posture. Several yoga postures are recommended to such people. However, caution should be paid as one does not need to exert beyond the safe limit. Too much exertion might result in opposite results.


  • Try Gaining Muscle Mass And Improve Flexibility


Stiff muscles are a common reason for back pain in young people. Flexibility can be facilitated by indulging in several stretch workouts. You can also join yoga classes, as yoga instructors are great at improving flexibility.


  • Quit Unhealthy Habits 


Unhealthy habits like smoking can also induce back pain in people. People who smoke daily are prone to experience back pain early in their life. Try reducing the number of cigarettes in a day and gradually move to reduce them in a month. 


  • Monitor Your Postures


There is a posture guide for good sitting and standing postures. Daily correction in postures can help in reducing the back pain. It is also important to avoid lifting way too heavyweights. While lifting, do not stress on the side of the body too much. Try taking breaks in between lifting heavyweights.


Do not take back pain medications without getting the proper prescription. Several people get severely strained when experiencing extreme back pain at a young age. The excellent lifestyle practices and a proper workout routine can primarily affect your back. 

Severe back pain treatment and yoga postures can help you get the most flexible back. It is essential to follow a healthy routine for long-term posture benefits. 

School Essentials Set from Starling Skincare #BackToSchool #Vegan #AllergenFree

Check out the Starling Skincare Back to School Essentials Set for all your “back to the classroom- virtual or not” needs. Finally – toxin-free, plant-based, and organic formulations that were created for those with allergies and sensitivities in mind. Or for those just trying to be sensitive to the needs of the planet and go Vegan. Starling Skincare has eliminated all common allergens, including nuts, gluten, soy, synthetic fragrance, and preservatives. For children, tweens and teens suffering from allergies, Starling Skincare offers peace of mind to parents when choosing the right skincare items for their child.

The set includes 2 of the best selling kid’s deodorants, Force Field and Birthday Cake, plus hydrating lip balm and a bottle of super safe orange punch hand sanitizer. Whether your children are heading off to school or learning virtually, start the school year off right…safe and smelling fresh.

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Starling Skincare’s all-natural, moisturizing hand sanitizers clean + moisturize in one easy step with effective plant-based ingredients. Starling Skincare’s hand sanitizers meet CDC recommendations and are effective against most common germs. The quick-drying formula is hypoallergenic and allergen-free, with no rinsing required — use anytime, anywhere. Safe for both adults & children. Gluten Free. Cruelty Free. Toxin Free.

You can’t start the school year without a moisturizing lip balm. It’s long lasting and healing, so that your child’s lips will stay healthy and non irritated throughout the day. Vegan and Allergen-Free, key ingredients include Blueberry Seed Oil and Mango Butter.

Visit the website to see more, or to get the basic Back To School Set for your kids. ($28)

Here are our thoughts on the products as we first opened and tried them!

Make Lunchtime More Fun with Lunch Pets™ (and a #Giveaway )

Lunchtime is always an adventure with the all-new Lunch Pets™! These huggable, plush pals are the perfect snacking companions for a child on-the-go. From school to dance practice and everything in between, Lunch Pets are sure to keep your child smiling and their lunch at the desired temperature. 

kids lunchbox

We recently took ours on a road trip to a theme park, and it did it’s job. My son didn’t whine (too much) about carrying it, and when he got annoying about it, we just clipped it to my bag. It clips easily to strollers as well.

These furry friends come in 4 styles – SnackyCat, Tumicorn, HungryPup and Munchosaur – and kids can pick their favorite cuddle buddy to spice up any lunchtime routine. The machine-washable  (hang to dry) lunch bags feature an easy open flap to securely hold their food and insulated storage to keep lunch fresh, Lunch Pets are both cute and functional. The Pets paws even snap together to make a handle or attach to your child’s bike.

kids lunchbox

Lunch Pets are recommended for children ages 3 and up and are available at Amazon and www.lunchpets.com.

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Back to School Shopping for @BTFE at @Costco #ad

Disclosure- I receive monetary compensation from General Mills in exchange of my endorsement of Box Tops For Education.


Getting ready for back to school always requires a fairly big shop. When you have kids, so does the weekly grocery shopping trip, am I right? It’s bananas how much food these little hoovers consume. I have no idea where they put it, either. This is one of the main reasons I became a Costco member- that, and because they are often cited as one of the most ethical large companies out there. I try to shop small, shop local, and shop ethical whenever humanly possible. They tend to have higher quality products, sustainable sourced and ethically produced, as well as a fair pay for employees and a compassionate working environment. Imagine that! If only all companies acted like that. They do well for it, as well. The stores are always clean, and shopping experiences are easy and pleasant. Well, that’s not counting for the kids- but no store is responsible for that, LOL.  They almost always have “sample stations” throughout the store that you can bribe the kiddos with, however. Smart thinking, Sell more products, since we buy what we like, AND no hangry customers. Very smart.

The prices are fair, and less since you buy in bulk as well. This also means more time between trips, hopefully! I also like that they don’t use bags- bring your own, or use boxes, or just load directly into your car. Easy.

You can get SO MANY Box Tops for your kids school while you are shopping for items you already love, like Lucky Charms, Mott’s Fruit Snacks, and Nature Valley. Because the boxes are large, you often get “bonus” Box Tops as well- more money for your child’s school. Bonus, indeed.

What’s stopping you? Head over and become a member today. You can even pick up a prepared dinner while you were there. What? Hey, it totally counts as cooking. Shhh.

Plus, they have a contest going on where you can win 100 Box Tops! Check out this site to see more.


Back To School with Amazon

Disclosure- This blog post is sponsored by Amazon.


Getting the kids ready for going back to school? It’s that time of year, and if you are anything like me, you also dread back to school shopping. I try to get at least some of it done online. Amazon is the one-stop-shop for all things BTS – allowing moms, dads and kids to find products that are as unique and individualized as they are, which gives kids confidence walking through the halls on the first day of school.

Amazon makes it easier, with just about everything you need available at the click of a mouse.  Most schools send home a list of what the kids will need for the upcoming year either at the end of the school year prior or have one available online at some point over the summer. Then, of course, will come the “Surprise! You still need these things!” list that will come home on the first day of school, which is just done to mess with us parents who just want some normalcy back in our lives already, LOL.

back to school shopping

Yes, you can even find coveted glitter glue.

Between your facepalmed fingers, take a look at Amazon’s school supplies list and make your lives just a little easier. They deliver. You can stay home. No, you don’t even need to put pants on if you don’t want to, and no one will ever be the wiser.

It’s true.

From the basics like notebooks and pens to more fun items like “smelly markers” that are maybe a little nostalgic for mom and dad, your back to school shopping needs will be that much easier and faster to pick up in one fell swoop.  Regular felt tip markers in several varieties as well, if that’s your preference.

Don’t forget to check the kiddo’s backpack, lunchbox, and sneakers while you are at it. Goodness know they have likely destroyed (or ourgrown) everything by now. Yes, you can grab uniform gear as well- whatever you need.

That’s one less thing I need to worry about this week. Now, if only I can figure out how 3 kids ate 12 yogurts and 2 bunches of bananas in 2 days, I’d be in good shape. They are teaching that in common core now, aren’t they? I think I need a class on that…

4 Tips to dealing with a stuffy nose during the busiest time of the year

Back to school can be an exciting and stressful time of year. There is so much to do and there is no time to deal with feelings of sickness or allergy related symptoms. Whether you are new to having seasonal allergies or you have been dealing with them all of your life, congestion, itchy eyes, and constant sneezing can really be a thorn in the side. There are some things that you can do to help manage the allergy symptoms and we will explore them in this article. Should you find the topic to be of particular interest and you want to read more, look at here.

  • Use a humidifier. A humidifier is a great machine to use if you experience dryness in your room or home. A humidifier turns water into vapor which slowly increases the moisture in the room. Avoiding dry air can be helpful to those with congestion as moist air can help thin mucus and ease the tension you are feeling in your sinuses.
  • Try a decongestant. There are many over the counter medications that can help with allergy relief but a decongestant can also help with the reduction of swelling and help with pain you may feel from not being at your best. Depending on the type of decongestant you need to help with your symptoms, you may not need a doctor’s prescription to get the medication. You will also need to determine if you prefer a nasal spray or the medication in pill form. Knowing this will help you select the brand and type of medication that is best for your personal preferences. Do note that while you may not need a prescription, some of the medication you may be looking for, such as Sudafed, is offered in a local drugstore but you need to ask a pharmacist for it as it is kept behind the counter.
  • Drink lots of water. Congestion is caused by the buildup of mucus in your nasal passage and drinking water and plenty of fluids can help to break down this clog. By drinking fluids, you can help the mucus pass through which will relieve some of the sinus pressure you are feeling.
  • Drain your sinuses. Many people find that using a neti pot or a similar item can help them relieve some of the sinus pressure they are feeling by draining the excess mucus out their nose. Use warm water and make a saline or salty type mixture. The hold your head over a sink and look downwards by tilting your head to one side. Pour the warm liquid into one nostril and you will find that after the water penetrates the clog in your nose, mucus will come out of other nostril. While this is not the most fun of procedures, it is a natural remedy that is worth a try.



Back-To-School Ready With Understood.Org

The back to school season can be a trying time for both parents and children. You have to get your child re-accustomed to waking up at a certain time, picking out their clothes the night before and then there is the dreaded new school year paperwork that seems to never end. But the beginning of a new school year can be an even more challenging time for families with children who struggle with reading and writing, math, focus, and organization.


One in five children in the U.S. have learning and attention issues, like ADHD and dyslexia. Children with these types of challenges can feel especially stressed during the back-to-school season as they face new subjects, teachers, and schools. Together the Ad Council and Understood.org have partnered together to promote ways children and their families can be First-Day Ready. Understood.org is offering a free First-Day Ready Guide to help parents with students at every age successfully navigate back-to-school transitions and manage challenges with academic, organization and social skills. Below you will find some tips from the guide.

Every child has a different story – some may love school, some may dread the thought of going back, and for some, it may scare them enough to cause real issues for them. Starting school can be an exciting, confusing and even scary time for kids with learning and attention issues, and for their parents. New teachers and classmates, new schedules and demands—these changes can be a lot to prepare for and absorb.

Plan early – A few weeks in advance, make checklists and calendars, and start settling into the school year routine with earlier bedtimes and wake-ups. If your child is starting a new school, schedule a walk-through to learn the lay of the land and help your child feel more comfortable finding their way around

Connect with teachers ASAP – If possible, reach out before school begins to discuss your child’s needs or learning style. You can fill in this card in advance to help guide that conversation If you can’t meet with the teacher in person, send your child to school with an introduction letter that can help your student speak up about his challenges.

Get support – Many parents and students are going through the same experience. Ask around at your school to make connections and build your support network. You can also follow Understood’s Facebook page to connect with parents across the country to share information and learn from each other.

So, no matter your child’s age or needs, make this Back-to-School season a seamless transition and positive experience!  If you could use some help getting started on the right foot this school year, Understood.org is a great place to start. 

All kids learn in different ways and at different paces. With the right support, all kids can thrive in school and in life.