4 Tips to dealing with a stuffy nose during the busiest time of the year

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Back to school can be an exciting and stressful time of year. There is so much to do and there is no time to deal with feelings of sickness or allergy related symptoms. Whether you are new to having seasonal allergies or you have been dealing with them all of your life, congestion, itchy eyes, and constant sneezing can really be a thorn in the side. There are some things that you can do to help manage the allergy symptoms and we will explore them in this article. Should you find the topic to be of particular interest and you want to read more, look at here.

  • Use a humidifier. A humidifier is a great machine to use if you experience dryness in your room or home. A humidifier turns water into vapor which slowly increases the moisture in the room. Avoiding dry air can be helpful to those with congestion as moist air can help thin mucus and ease the tension you are feeling in your sinuses.
  • Try a decongestant. There are many over the counter medications that can help with allergy relief but a decongestant can also help with the reduction of swelling and help with pain you may feel from not being at your best. Depending on the type of decongestant you need to help with your symptoms, you may not need a doctor’s prescription to get the medication. You will also need to determine if you prefer a nasal spray or the medication in pill form. Knowing this will help you select the brand and type of medication that is best for your personal preferences. Do note that while you may not need a prescription, some of the medication you may be looking for, such as Sudafed, is offered in a local drugstore but you need to ask a pharmacist for it as it is kept behind the counter.
  • Drink lots of water. Congestion is caused by the buildup of mucus in your nasal passage and drinking water and plenty of fluids can help to break down this clog. By drinking fluids, you can help the mucus pass through which will relieve some of the sinus pressure you are feeling.
  • Drain your sinuses. Many people find that using a neti pot or a similar item can help them relieve some of the sinus pressure they are feeling by draining the excess mucus out their nose. Use warm water and make a saline or salty type mixture. The hold your head over a sink and look downwards by tilting your head to one side. Pour the warm liquid into one nostril and you will find that after the water penetrates the clog in your nose, mucus will come out of other nostril. While this is not the most fun of procedures, it is a natural remedy that is worth a try.



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