Oliver’s Labels – Back to School

School time is nearly here, and everyone is bringing in new lunchboxes and backpacks.  This can lead to a very difficult daily task, no not getting the kids out of bed (though that is indeed daunting!)  The most difficult daily activity for children of all ages (and some adults) is to come home with everything they came with, everyday.


Lunchboxes, drink containers, backpacks, sneakers, gym clothes, underwear.  That is a lot of stuff to remember, but most importantly they have to remember to do their best and try to make some friends along the way.  So an easy way to help them remember their things is to label them.  That way, when something is left behind on a table or in a cubby, its easy to tell whose item it is.  Oliver’s Labels makes label for this purpose and many more.  The labels will stick to fabric, be water proof, hang on a tag or just survive a dish washer, Oliver’s has lots of options and all of them are useful.
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Back to School with Locker Lookz

School brings some new adventures for our kids, including fashion and style in several different ways. New friends, new classes, new teachers, new lockers! This year you can really help your daughter create their own bold stylish look in their lockers with Locker Lokz !

We started out our locker with the Aqua Lime Wall paper, my daughter went nuts over this! Her locker is wider but the wallpaper fit when we put it on it’s side. Since this isn’t real “wallpaper” there’s nothing to stick, you simply use the included magnets, – really cute too- , to stick the wallpaper up in place. This way there’s no worry about having to remove and make a mess when the year is over, plus the kids can do this themselves.

My daughter loves flowers, so we picked out the Lime Flower, which also is a magnet so you simply just place it on the wall of the locker.

She uses it to stick up important papers that need to come home.

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Zoli – Back To School Lunch Kits That WORK!

Now that most of our kids have gone back to school, or have started a new year in Pre-K, we have had to revamp thier lunch kits, too. It’s not all about notebooks and erasers 🙂 Check out Zoli- a line of smart, stylish products for babies, toddlers, and kids that blend practical function with modern innovation. Free of toxins such as lead, phthalates, PVC, and BPA, they are safe for your kids and will stand out among other lunch and snack kits- your children’s teacher will know who THESE belong to!

SUMO in stacked form

  • BOT :: Straw Sippy Cup. No more struggling to get those last sips of juice the straw just won’t reach. Bot’s unique, flexible straw is the only one that follows the liquid anywhere it goes – even if the cup is tilted completely upside down, which is especially common when babies transition from the bottle. And because the design is so unique, it won’t get mixed up with the other kids’ sippy cups at day care!
  • SUMO :: Snack Stacker. The bigger counterpart to Zoli’s popular On-The-Go snack stacker (another great back-to-school idea, with a pour spout for powdered formula) is the perfect size for daytime snacks like apple slices, pretzel sticks, rice cakes, and more. Both snack stackers are totally modular, with 3 stackable containers you can use [Read more…]

Shopping at Cookies Kids @CookiesKids with #Cbias

We always enjoy shopping at Cookies Kids. You can shop both online and in stores (if you are local to the NYC area) and enjoy great prices, great style, and an easy shopping experience. My son just started Kindergarten, and needless to say- his wardrobe needed some sprucing up.

My little guy has a uniform he needs to wear to school, and Cookies Kids specializes in kids school uniforms. They have tons of colors, styles, and brands available- our favorite is French Toast. He loves his new pants and sweater by French Toast that we got at Cookies Kids- in fact, we bought almost his entire wardrobe for back-to-school at Cookies Kids. Fast and easy online shopping, and we really do prefer French Toast, and all the things we needed at a great price, with free shipping available.

(You can get free shipping too- just use this code- havesippywilltravel)

He also needed a new swim set for our upcoming travels- he really grew this summer, and since we are always on the go- Cookies Kids to the rescue with this adorable set on sale for under $10. You can’t even get the swim shirt for that price most of the time, in most stores. What a Deal!

If you have never shopped with Cookies Kids, you are truly missing out. We are true fans, and recommend the store to anyone and everyone. While many companies promise good service and returns when needed, Cookies has proven it. If you don’t want your item for whatever reason, you can ship it back and get it replaced with no hassles at all. Of course, you can also exchange in stores if you prefer.

While we were there, we were able to try out the new AvaKids app- with an iPad available to use right in the store- that helps you choose the right size and items for your children, even as they grow.

AlvaKids is a service for children’s apparel sizing recommendations. The
app/widget allows users to create an account on the mobile application or through using
the widget on retailers’ websites. Once the account has been created, the user can
make a profile for their children. These profiles hold basic measurement information
as well as some background information about the child. All of this data is used by
the AlvaKids proprietary algorithm to create a personalized sizing recommendation.
Using the account credentials the profiles can be accessed through the mobile
application and the online widget.

– Create kids’ size profiles based on basic body measurements
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W!N Rubbermaid Sandwich Kit

Alrighty moms, I have found the newest conspiracy against mothers. Are you ready? It is lunch ladies at the schools throwing away our Tupperware in hopes to further expand the diners of their fine establishment. This conspiracy is cleverly disguised as our kids conveniently leaving only their containers all over the school. Where no one then knows where they are. The real place they all go? The trash. You may be asking how can we ever hope to combat this horrible occurrence? Why with lunch kids which actually fit together, are color corded and quite difficult to lose. OK, I made that top part up- MAYBE! LOL.

One such awesome kit happens to be made by Rubbermaid. Take a look at the LunchBlox Sandwich Kit. This sandwich kit is a wonderful idea- first of all it is Rubbermaid, so each container can take beating and still come out strong. They are also dishwasher safe as well. There are 4 containers, 2 [Read more…]

Great Back-To-School Clothing with @FrenchToastcom

Little Man is about to enter Kindergarten- which is both very exciting, and making me feel like a sad sack all at the same time, LOL. He will be attending a school that requires uniforms, which will make getting dressed in the morning all that much easier.

He looks like such a big boy! Everything he is wearing is from French Toast, the clothing and school uniform company. We did shop around, and I can say without a doubt that this is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to get his uniforms. I think it is also the best, and though this year his school is not registered with French Toast, I hope to encourage them to to so by next year. I was not thrilled having to go to a store 25 minutes away, stand in line, make my order, then wait 30 minutes more to have it filled just for a few things that needed to be embroidered. VERY annoying. French Toast does it all- plus faster, less costly, and delivers to my door with the same school uniform quality you would get in the pricey store. BLAH.

PLUS, they give participating schools 5% cash back on all orders. Why would any school that requires uniforms not [Read more…]