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School brings some new adventures for our kids, including fashion and style in several different ways. New friends, new classes, new teachers, new lockers! This year you can really help your daughter create their own bold stylish look in their lockers with Locker Lokz !

We started out our locker with the Aqua Lime Wall paper, my daughter went nuts over this! Her locker is wider but the wallpaper fit when we put it on it’s side. Since this isn’t real “wallpaper” there’s nothing to stick, you simply use the included magnets, – really cute too- , to stick the wallpaper up in place. This way there’s no worry about having to remove and make a mess when the year is over, plus the kids can do this themselves.

My daughter loves flowers, so we picked out the Lime Flower, which also is a magnet so you simply just place it on the wall of the locker.

She uses it to stick up important papers that need to come home.

The Black and White Houndstooth Clock is great to keep time on when your gearing up for class!

Last but not least my favorite, the Dry Eraser Board!

Write messages, notes or test reminder on it and it’ll always be there when you open the locker. This is a great way to keep organized and have some fun at the same time! I remember decorating my own locker when I was a kid but it’s nothing compared to Locker Lookz. You can pick from different stylish patterns, accessorize the locker up with some fashion bins to keep pens or pencils in one place! Every wallpaper comes with 18 small magnets that hold up really nicely as well so you don’t have to buy anything extra!

Check out Locker Lookz website where you can put together your own custom locker, or pick a Total Lookz Package, there’s four to choose from, very cool, and easy to set up as well as take down, very important to me! No mess, no hassle, totally cute and worth it!

Pretty locker!


  1. Maybe these would look good in a dorm too.

  2. Cute

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