Stocking Stuffers for Teen and Tween Boys #GiftGuide

 Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for pre-teen and teenage boys? Since (lets just be real here) boys are pretty gross in general, a personal care kit won’t go astray.  There are several kits to choose from by Prep U that help that “smelly boy” syndrome.

boys deodorant

It’s a fact of life that boys eventually start to smell. No matter how cute or precious they are, they begin to mature, their hormones change and odor caused by sweat and dirt naturally begins to appear with varying degrees of intensity. The idea for Prep U came from a frustrated mom of two active, smelly sons who couldn’t find a suitable solution for her boys. The only products currently on the market were designed for babies or left her kids smelling like a couple of frat boys. She created Prep U, a line of personal care products that are the perfect antidote to smells of boyhood, offering parents natural, quality products they can trust and kids a line of products that celebrates their growing independence.

I like that these are all natural products. There are plenty of options out there, but not many natural products that actually work well.

Prep U has 7 NATURAL products to choose from, with a different assortment of kits to suit the needs of different boys. There are also 3 kits to choose from;

boys bath and body

Travel Kit ($29) – Travel-size Body Spray, Active Dry Powder, Soap, and Natural Deodorant, all packaged in a compact Dopp kit bag offered in two colors

Starter Kit ($34) – A few of our most popular items including the Body Wash, Natural Deodorant, and Body Spray

Sport Kit ($32.50) – Ideal for the super active boy: Sport Soak, Natural Deodorant, and Active Dry Powder

We’ve tried several of these products, and my sons like them. My youngest, 11, tried the deodorant and body wash. My oldest, 19, tried the body spray and body wash. I prefer the smell of that body spray so much more then most others he has used- I really hate most body spray smells, truth be told. We all like the scents, and they both like the results. Check them out yourself and see what your boys think.

Happy Holidays!

Back to School with Locker Lookz

School brings some new adventures for our kids, including fashion and style in several different ways. New friends, new classes, new teachers, new lockers! This year you can really help your daughter create their own bold stylish look in their lockers with Locker Lokz !

We started out our locker with the Aqua Lime Wall paper, my daughter went nuts over this! Her locker is wider but the wallpaper fit when we put it on it’s side. Since this isn’t real “wallpaper” there’s nothing to stick, you simply use the included magnets, – really cute too- , to stick the wallpaper up in place. This way there’s no worry about having to remove and make a mess when the year is over, plus the kids can do this themselves.

My daughter loves flowers, so we picked out the Lime Flower, which also is a magnet so you simply just place it on the wall of the locker.

She uses it to stick up important papers that need to come home.

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