Zoli – Back To School Lunch Kits That WORK!

Now that most of our kids have gone back to school, or have started a new year in Pre-K, we have had to revamp thier lunch kits, too. It’s not all about notebooks and erasers 🙂 Check out Zoli- a line of smart, stylish products for babies, toddlers, and kids that blend practical function with modern innovation. Free of toxins such as lead, phthalates, PVC, and BPA, they are safe for your kids and will stand out among other lunch and snack kits- your children’s teacher will know who THESE belong to!

SUMO in stacked form

  • BOT :: Straw Sippy Cup. No more struggling to get those last sips of juice the straw just won’t reach. Bot’s unique, flexible straw is the only one that follows the liquid anywhere it goes – even if the cup is tilted completely upside down, which is especially common when babies transition from the bottle. And because the design is so unique, it won’t get mixed up with the other kids’ sippy cups at day care!
  • SUMO :: Snack Stacker. The bigger counterpart to Zoli’s popular On-The-Go snack stacker (another great back-to-school idea, with a pour spout for powdered formula) is the perfect size for daytime snacks like apple slices, pretzel sticks, rice cakes, and more. Both snack stackers are totally modular, with 3 stackable containers you can use [Read more…]

W!N Rubbermaid Sandwich Kit

Alrighty moms, I have found the newest conspiracy against mothers. Are you ready? It is lunch ladies at the schools throwing away our Tupperware in hopes to further expand the diners of their fine establishment. This conspiracy is cleverly disguised as our kids conveniently leaving only their containers all over the school. Where no one then knows where they are. The real place they all go? The trash. You may be asking how can we ever hope to combat this horrible occurrence? Why with lunch kids which actually fit together, are color corded and quite difficult to lose. OK, I made that top part up- MAYBE! LOL.

One such awesome kit happens to be made by Rubbermaid. Take a look at the LunchBlox Sandwich Kit. This sandwich kit is a wonderful idea- first of all it is Rubbermaid, so each container can take beating and still come out strong. They are also dishwasher safe as well. There are 4 containers, 2 [Read more…]