W!N Rubbermaid Sandwich Kit

Alrighty moms, I have found the newest conspiracy against mothers. Are you ready? It is lunch ladies at the schools throwing away our Tupperware in hopes to further expand the diners of their fine establishment. This conspiracy is cleverly disguised as our kids conveniently leaving only their containers all over the school. Where no one then knows where they are. The real place they all go? The trash. You may be asking how can we ever hope to combat this horrible occurrence? Why with lunch kids which actually fit together, are color corded and quite difficult to lose. OK, I made that top part up- MAYBE! LOL.

One such awesome kit happens to be made by Rubbermaid. Take a look at the LunchBlox Sandwich Kit. This sandwich kit is a wonderful idea- first of all it is Rubbermaid, so each container can take beating and still come out strong. They are also dishwasher safe as well. There are 4 containers, 2 [Read more…]