Top Tips To Get Your Children Excited About Your Camping Trip

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Planning a camping trip can be lots of fun, especially if you’re taking your children with you. It’s an activity that’s filled with adventure and exploration and can ultimately bring you closer together. If your kids have never experienced camping before, you may feel even more under pressure to make this a holiday to remember. There is no need to feel stressed as there are countless ways you can keep your kids entertained and get them excited about the prospect of camping. Use these tips during your planning to ensure you create fun filled and successful trip that you can all enjoy.

Get the involved in the planning

Your children can give you a great deal of help when you’re planning your camping holiday. You can show them websites and pamphlets that advertise tourist attractions and places that might be of interest to them. It could be a kid’s outdoor playground or a family friendly history trail. Compile some potential activities that are nearby to your campsite and share your findings with them. You can talk through which ones you think might be suitable and get their feedback. Be positive when you speak about each activity to grab their attention.

Make them a Camping kit

Just before you head out on your trip present your child with their own individual camping kit. This could contain a blanket, walking boots, a map, a torch and a whistle. Educational books about wildlife would also be a great item to include. This will get them in the mood for an adventure and will be an excellent treat before their vacation. Make this gift to your child personal to them by choosing camping items in their favorite color or cartoon character. You could also include board games and coloring books to keep them entertained if it’s raining outside. Take this opportunity to lay down some rules about camping safety and explain what behavior you expect from them when you arrive at the site.

Do a dummy run

Nothing will get them more excited about their camping trip than a dummy run in their own back yard. It will be beneficial to your children to have some experience in a tent before you get to your campsite, even if it is only for a few hours. They might be nervous about camping for the first time so doing this will put all of their concerns to rest. Reassure them that the tent is perfectly safe and the noises they hear are just friendly animals and insects. You can teach them how to put up the tent properly and even practise cooking outdoors if you like. This activity will also be great during your planning as it may highlight essential items you need to buy or replace before you leave.

These top tips will make sure you and your kids are fully prepared and excited about your camping holiday. Spend lots of time having fun and getting involved in a whole host of outdoor activities. Having a stress-free experience will make camping your top choice in accommodation for the future.


  1. Some great hints and tips on camping with children. It can always be a bit of a pain taking kids and this is a great guide.

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