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WIN Adorable NAOT Shoes or Boots

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With the weather outside quite frightening- and good grief, it’s freezing!- you want shoes that are warm and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look cute as well.   NAOT makes some adorable shoes, boots, and warm-weather-wear like sandals ( I know, can you even remember warm weather right now?) for anything Mother Nature might throw your way, or what climate you might happen to live in or travel to.


I’ve recently been sent the NAOT VISTOSO, and I have to say I really like them.  Here is what I had to say from my review-

“When you are ready to head indoors, and need something a little less “outdoorsy” but still ready for winter festivities, the NAOT VISTOSO will be your go to boot. Zipping up the side, this ankle boot is too cute with a little bow across it (ready for the holidays!) It is padded for extra comfort, and has a memory foam footbed. As you wear it, the bottom bed and microfiber molds to your foot, making it more and more comfortable as you go along. The heel is sturdy, the sole is flexible, and you won’t feel like you are doing a balancing act all evening. These are boots you won’t feel the need to kick off quickly. Get them at or Amazon for about $200.”

Want to get a pair of your own?  I suggest you do, right away.  You can also enter to win a pair here, your options should you win are listed below-

Please feel free to enter using the RC form below.  A winner will be chosen at random on Feb. 17, 2016.  Good luck!

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  1. I would love this for myself and would like the Rieker Sybille 85.

  2. Laurie Emerson says

    I would chose the Naot Shamal in brown. II have to admit I would keep them for myself as I have always wanted to own a pair of boots.

  3. I’d like to have the Naot Vistoso.

  4. I would choose the The Naot Vistoso and give them to my daughter for her birthday.

  5. Stephanie Larison says

    I’m in love with the Naot Shamal and they would be for me! 😛

  6. susan smoaks says

    i want to win this for myself. i would choose the Vistoso in black/black. i really like them.

  7. I would choose the naot aster for myself .

  8. I like the Vistoso for myself.

  9. I’d choose the NAOT Baccio and KEEP THEM FOR MYSELF!!

  10. I like the Pajar Leslie Women’s Boots.

  11. Susan Christy says

    I’d pick the Avila for myself.

  12. id choose Naot Aster for myself

  13. I’d choose the Sirocco and keep ’em for myself! They’re so cute!

  14. Susan Chester says

    I think I would choose the Vistoso in black/black. I would keep them!

  15. I would pick the Naot Vistoso and keep them for myself.

  16. I like them all, but would choose the Naot Aster for myself

  17. I would pick boots for myself.

  18. Michelle H. says

    I would choose the Vistoso or the Avila and definitely keep them.

  19. I will keep and get an ankle boot.

  20. I would get my daughter the Sirocco, she loves to wear ankle boots with her skinny jeans but unfortunately she is having surgery on her meniscus this Thursday so she will need something with a more stable heel but that still is comfy and looks fabulous, and these definitely would work great!

  21. Naot Sirocco for me.

  22. The Shamal boots would be perfect! Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  23. I like the Naot Rogo flats.

  24. Julie Lundstrom says

    I would like to keep these for myself. I could use a new pair of shoes.

  25. I have heard wonderful things about Naot from people like me that have heel pain. I would keep them for myself and choose the Naot Sirocco boot in brown/bronze.

  26. I would probably keep them myself, and the Rongo looks the most likely for me to request.

  27. the Naot Rogo flats for my gf

  28. Brenda Callahan says

    Naot Sirocco for me. I like the tall boots too, but i was blessed with thick calves and they don’t usually fit

  29. I would choose these for myself. Not sure which one, it’s a hard decision.

  30. I will be keeping these shoes for myself. I will choose the Nat Sirocco. They’re so pretty!

  31. sandra davis says

    I would keep these for myself and I would choose the Naot Sirocco

  32. I love the Naot Rogo flats.

  33. Hello, these would be for myself and I would pick the Sirocco. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  34. myself! I need new shoes

  35. I would pick the Naot Shamal in Brown. I love high boots. I would wear them with skirts and dresses. They look like they would match both informal dresses and more formal dresses paired with boots for everyday wear.

  36. Dana Rodriguez says

    I like the Naot Avila in brown for myself!

  37. I would keep for me and I would pick a pair of boots.

  38. Mary Cloud says

    I would choose the Rongo in the Fishnet design and keep them for myself

  39. 1/27
    I gave you Klout in Food, but I forgot to put my name down also
    Carolsue Anderson

  40. I would give this to my friend Yvonne, and I would give her the Yvonne boots!

  41. I would choose these for my mom. They look so comfy!

  42. Sharon Rooney says

    I would keep them for myself and I would choose the Naot Vistoso. They are super cute and will go with so much.

  43. I’m not sure, but I think I might get the Miz Mooz Seymour and give them to my teenaged daughter!

  44. Monique Rizzo says

    I would pick the Shamals for my daughter. Thank you for the chance.

  45. Mary Jenkins says

    I would give the Vistoso to moi! I work in an office and have to dress nice. These would really elevate my Walmart-chic wardrobe! lol

  46. Bonnie Day says

    I would keep them for myself and I would get the Naot Vistoso in luggage

  47. Terri Irvin says

    I would pick for myself the Naot Aster clogs. I am very interested in flat shoes with a slight heel that are very comfortable and these look perfect.

  48. Brittney House says

    I would give them to my mother. She loves boots. She would choose the Emu Stinger Hi boots.

  49. Charlene S. says

    I would love to have the Rongo shoes in Polar Sea color.

  50. These would stay in my closet. Think I’d choose the Shamal. Or the Sirocco.

  51. I think I would choose the Naot Sirocco in Volcanic/Berry. Thanks!

  52. Peggy Johnson says

    I would choose the Vistoso ankle boot and share them with my daughter

  53. Stephanie Liske says

    I would pick the Naot Vistoso.

  54. beth shepherd says

    I would pick the Naot
    Avila and give them to my daughter. THank you!

  55. I would keep these for myself! I am not sure exactly what pair I’d pick but most likely some type of low boot.

  56. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I would love to get the Naot Avila in gray for me;)

  57. I’d choose the Sirocco for my husband. Thank you for the chance!

  58. Stephanie V. says

    probably the Naot Avila – gray leather — so cute!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  59. I like the Naot
    Vistoso for myself

  60. Tari Lawson says

    I would pick the Naot Vistoso for myself.

  61. Richard Hicks says

    I might choose the NAOT VISTOSO and give to my wife as a surprise

  62. I would choose this pair
    Vistoso for myself

  63. Kim Keithline says

    I would keep them for myself and I would choose the Naot
    Rongo in black

  64. I will gift myself and will choose either the Avila Lace Up Ankle Boots or Shamal Leather Knee-High Boots.

  65. Jennifer Reed says

    I would definitely keep these great NAOT boots and I would pick the mine brown Naot
    Avila Lace Up Ankle Boots.

  66. Forgot to add – I would like these for myself.

  67. I like the Naot Footwear Sporty Boot in black/10

  68. I like the naot- aster for myself !:)

    thanks !:) xoxoxo

  69. I like the choices! I’d keep them for myself and I’d probably get the vistoso.

  70. I really like Naot Avila for my daughter! She would love these!

  71. Dawn Monroe says

    I like the Emu Stinger Hi boots in black.

  72. I can’t access your YouTube from the links on the widget. They seem to go off the edge and can’t be copied.

  73. I would get the Naot
    Rongo for myself. They are adorable.

  74. I would keep this for myself! I Love the Noat Sirocco Ankle Boots! I so need them in my life 🙂

  75. Christopher Sorel says

    could use some new ecco boots

  76. I would keep these for myself. I would choose the Naot Audrey.

  77. I love the Clarks
    Wave.Ambule GTX

  78. Keeley Sullivan says

    I would keep them for myself. I like the advance but also really love the ones shown in the picture above.

  79. Adrienne Gordon says

    The shamal for myself.

  80. Terra Heck says

    I’d choose the Naot Avila ankle boots for myself. Thanks.

  81. Michelle C says

    I would love the Shamal boots for myself!

  82. Tracie brown says

    Noat shamal for myself!!

  83. I would get my husband the wisdom shoes for men. He needs some new shoes for work.

  84. I really like this pair the most; Naot
    Avila (in the brown color)

  85. Julia Barnes says

    I’m not sure what shoes I would pick, but I would definitely keep them! I’m always looking for cute shoes!

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