Heading to Niagara Falls on a #RoadTripChip @CapeCodChips (and you can win a gift package)

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Niagara Falls

Recently, my son and I decided to head north for a visit to one of the natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls.

cape cod chips

We packed up the car, and headed out. It took us about 10 hours to get there, but that’s nothing that can’t be done in a (very long) day.  Of course, when taking a road trip, especially with kids, you can’t forget the snacks.

cape cod chips

Always bring the drinks, a few things to play with, and stuff to eat- because no one likes a cranky kid. We took all sorts of things, including Cape Cod Chips, which are having a fun summer road trip hashtag this year to encourage you to get out and see some cool places.  It’s a fun way to see what your fellow Cape Cod Chip lovers are up to, as well.


While visiting Niagara Falls, we made sure to visit some of the most famous places. The falls themselves, of course, as well as taking a White Water Walk and a Journey Behind the Walls.

cape cod chips

We also took the newly-turned-100 Whirlpool Aero Car 3,500 feet across and over the rapids and gorge. We had to take a Hornblower boat cruise into the falls to really experience the power they possess- and how beautiful they are. That was really a highlight for us all.

white water walk

We visited the Butterfly Conservatory at Niagara Parks, which was spectacular and honestly so much fun and very much a special experience, with butterflies of all colors and species floating about and landing on each of us.

niagara falls night

While Niagara Falls is amazing ad stunning during the day, we had to stop by and see it at night, when it was all lit up. Did you know that they light up the falls every evening? You can also take a night boat cruise- you won’t get as wet, but the photos are beautiful.


During our time in Niagara, we of course kept our Cape Cod Chips handy- we had to keep the “hangry” monster away.
One of you can win a box of your own Cape Cod Chips- feel free to enter using the RC form below.

cape cod chips

Good luck! Ends Sept. 3, 2016.
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