Why Camping Should Be Your Next Romantic Getaway

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So you’ve managed to snag a babysitter for the weekend and you and your significant other are suddenly faced with the rare opportunity to get away for a quiet adults-only weekend. You want to plan something romantic but it needs to fit your very large list of criteria – cost-effective, won’t take long to get there, can be done in a weekend, etc.

Maybe you and your spouse have done the spa trip before, done the bed and breakfast, and have even done the stay-cation. If that’s the case, it’s time to step out of the norm and look at a romantic getaway in a whole new light. It may be time to consider camping as the perfect solution for your romantic getaway, and here are the top reasons why.

A Private Adventure for Two

The whole point of a romantic getaway is to give the two of you a chance to enjoy alone time. It’s a time without interruptions from kids, work, and life in general. There is no better way to do that than by trekking out in the woods just the two of you. You’ll get to embark on an exciting and relaxing journey together, free of the outside stressors of daily life. Think about it, when’s the last time it was just the two of you with no-one else around?

Tents Are Perfect for Getting Cozy

Even if you plan on camping in the middle of summer, there’s a good chance it will still be chilly at night. What this means is that getting cozy and snuggling together to keep warm will be an absolute must. And think about it, what’s more romantic than lying under the stars, snuggled in a sleeping bag together, listening to the sounds of nature and wildlife all around you?

Bring Romance to the Campsite

In order to make sure your campsite is romantic there are a few tips and things you can bring along. Why not plan a romantic dinner for two on that first night at your site. You can pack a selection of olives, hard cheeses, cooked sausages, fancy crackers, and crusty bread. It can be a night of appetizers and wine. You can also pack a few different lanterns to create that soft romantic glow of a candlelit dinner.

Speaking of gear, bringing the right items will not only ensure that the trip stays romantic but that it’s also comfortable and safe. You can shop at woodburyoutfitters.com for key items before you leave.

A Chance to Enjoy Talking with Each Other

Let’s face it, nowadays most of us are pretty attached to our smartphones. Having an actual conversation with one another is probably not as common and often as you may think. When you’re camping there is no mobile device to resort to, it’s just each other. This is the opportunity to catch up with each other and just enjoy being a couple.

A Romantic Getaway That’s Outside the Norm

Camping is truly that romantic getaway that is outside the norm but could quickly and easily become your new romantic getaway of choice.

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