3 Ways You Could Get Paid to Travel

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Getting paid for travel may seem like a pipe dream to many. But in this day and age where influencer marketing is becoming more and more ubiquitous, opportunities for paid travel are more plentiful than ever. However, that doesn’t mean you can just walk up to any company and ask them to sponsor your next trip to the Alps. Here are a few tips for those who’d like to get paid for travelling.

Get into the Transportation Business

We’re not talking about starting your own shipping business here. There are tons of opportunities out there for people who would be open to delivering items to various destinations. This gives you the opportunity to see the country while earning.

Some services for instance, allow drivers to deliver cars to their destination. The car comes with a full tank and you get to enjoy a free trip to the destination of your choice. While these jobs don’t always pay in cash, you still are able to save on a car rental. Other services allow people to bid on particular shipping assignments, and you can pick and choose which jobs works for you.

Work as a Mystery Shopper

You’re probably already familiar with mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is when a company asks people to shop at one of their locations to get a real-life assessment of their customer service. This is very common in the service, hospitality and food business.

In some cases, it may include assignments for resorts or time shares. They may ask you to attend a timeshare presentation and evaluate the sales staff, or book a flight and visit a resort. They will then ask you for a complete evaluation of the service. While these jobs are definitely out there, they’re usually reserved for experienced shoppers, so you might have to do a few entry level jobs first.

Find a Seasonal Job at a Resort

Resorts often need some extra help during peak season. For instance, many ski resorts may need extra seasonal staff during the winter. This will not only give you the opportunity to work in a beautiful locale, but you’ll also have the chance to visit between your work hours.

Finding seasonal jobs can be difficult however, since they’re not always listed on job sites. A good idea would be to use a tool like theemailfinder.co and gather a list of HR department email addresses for the resorts you’re interested in. You can then send personalized emails with your CV and letter of presentation. This will show great initiative and they might consider you if there’s a job opening later on.


While getting paid to travel isn’t as simple as many would lead you to believe, it’s still very possible if you’re ready to do the work necessary. Besides these few opportunities, there are plenty other ways that you can get paid while enjoying your favorite pastime, so don’t be afraid to go out there and actively look for them.

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