Take the Kids on a Beach Getaway Without the Stress

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Summer is now officially in session and that only means one thing – time to head to the shore. If you and your family plan on heading to one of the US coasts to catch the waves, build sandcastles and explore the area, the season is perfect for it. If you’re going to survive the next few days at the beach with your kids, however, it’s probably important that you plan ahead. 

Here are some pointers to plan the perfect family getaway.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Destination

There are beaches all up and down the east and west coast. Each of them provides a different experience. There are some that are more laid back and simplistic with nothing more than the sand and the ocean while others are more family-oriented with boardwalks, rides, arcades, and other activities. The more you have to keep them busy, the less time they have to be bored. Another factor to consider when thinking about which beach you’ll be visiting is travel distance. Whether you’re going on a road trip or taking a plane, the longer the travel is the more agitated your children will become which could make for a miserable few hours.

Look for Homey Accommodations

Instead of opting for the hotel that may not have enough space for your active children or large family, you can look for something that feels more like home. If you were going to South Carolina, you might check out Hilton Head Rentals and get a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom vacation rental for the week. This would give everyone a place to rest, eat, use the restroom, and watch television or play games.

Pack Entertainment

When packing for your family beach vacation you should remember to pack some entertainment for the kids. You won’t spend all of your time outside and when you decide to go back to the rental for the evening, your kids may still be wired from the day’s events. Having backups like board games, gaming consoles, movies, and toys can keep them occupied and help keep the peace.

Check Out the Food

There’s nothing worse than going to a restaurant and your picky toddlers don’t like anything on the menu. Even if you intend to splurge on some of the finer cuisines, you should check nearby restaurants to make sure that there are food items that your children can enjoy. You can look for common favorites like burgers, pizza, and chicken fingers. Most restaurants have those options, but it’s good to check anyway.

Visit Popular Attractions During Off-Peak Hours

When you’re visiting the beach or other tourist attractions with your kids, crowds can really complicate things. Your children aren’t able to enjoy themselves as much. Not to mention sand being kicked up in your face every few minutes. If you want to feel as if you have the beach to yourself, head down to the shore before opening hours or after the lifeguards have left for the day. The same goes for tourist attractions. Going early in the morning or just a few hours before the place closes will result in fewer crowds and can sometimes save you money.

Don’t Forget Safety

The beach can be a lot of fun, but it can also turn dangerous fairly quickly. Make sure that you remember to practice safety while on vacation. Kids are known to run off and heaven forbid they get injured, stung, or swept away in the currents. A few things you can do to keep your kids safe on the beach is to pack a first aid kit. You can also have younger children wear lifejackets just in case they end up slipping into the water. Lastly, talk to your kids about the importance of staying together and where you can see them. Set boundaries and pay attention to the lifeguards for any warnings.

Heading to the beach with the kids can be a ton of fun if you plan it right. When traveling with small kids there’s so much you want to avoid, from temper tantrums and sibling rivalries to boredom or them getting hurt. The tips above can help to minimize a lot of these stresses so that you can enjoy your time at the shore with your family.

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