6 Cruises with An Active Twist

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For active people searching for the perfect getaway, these 6 cruises are sure to get your juices flowing.

Colorado River Cruise

The Colorado River might not sound like the place for a massive boat to cruise down and it’s not, but it is a perfect river to cruise on many types of rafts. There’s all sizes of boats in there ranging from small inner tubes to large rafts with many people on it. If you wanted to check out Canon City, rafting is one of the hottest activities to do while you are there. Explore the multitude of raft types before you jump into the beautiful river. 

Antarctica Basecamp Itinerary

I’ll start with my favourite. Antarctica is an alien landscape where icebergs the size of small cities dwarf your ship. The Basecamp itinerary has a particular focus on activities. During the cruise you’ll camp out on the ice for one night, go sea kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking and much more. You’ll see plenty of penguins, seals and whales along the way. If you want, you can also choose to do the ‘Polar Plunge’ and jump into the icy waters from your boat – cold but epic!

Galapagos Dive Cruise

The Galapagos Islands really need no introduction. The unique wildlife and landscapes make this archipelago completely captivating. Nothing can really prepare you for the close wildlife encounters. On almost every cruise itinerary you’ll swim with seals, sea turtles, sharks and marine iguanas. Special dive-focused cruises give passengers the chance to dive each day and also take regular snorkelling trips. This is a very active trip and you’ll be exhausted in your bed each night – well worth it though.

Alaska Inside Passage Cruise

You can choose a standard cruise or expedition-style cruise in Alaska. Both have their pros and cons. But if you want to see bears, whales and eagles, you’re better off taking an expedition cruise. Amazing wildlife aside, Alaska is great for active people thanks to its numerous shore excursions. No matter which cruise ship you sail on, you’ll be given a plethora of options when ashore. You can choose anything from gold panning and white-water rafting, to dog sledding and glacier hiking! With so many choices in each port, Alaska cruises are perfect for both active families and couples.

Northwest Passage Cruise

Potentially one of the greatest expedition cruises on earth, the Northwest Passage is fabled among sailors. Because of thick ice, the passage has just recently opened up and can still only be traversed during August and September. Every day you’ll make shore landings to explore landscapes and local cultures. You’ll see polar bears and whales, meet native Inuit people and visit the remains of the lost Thule culture. Active people will relish the daily hikes and zodiac trips to explore new regions.

Carnival Cruises

I know Carnival do not offer expedition cruises, but they do offer a serious amount of active pursuits onboard their ships. If you’re looking for a cruise for the kids to enjoy then Carnival are an excellent option. Their ships are jam-packed with fun things like rock climbing, go-karting, surf pools, ice-rinks, and much more. Although you won’t leave the ship as often as you would an expedition cruise, with so many active options, the kids may not want to! They’re also well-priced and provide plenty of adult-focused entertainment also such as daily theatre shows and wine bars.

Amazon River Cruise

The Amazon is a mythical place of dangerous beasts, giant waterfalls and tales of discovery. The mightiest river on earth is a great option for active travellers who want to explore this region. In fact, taking a cruise is pretty much the only option people have of exploring deep into the region. Active people are best off taking a cruise in the dry season as you’ll take daily guided shore hikes to search for wildlife and learn more about the beautiful rainforest. In the wet season you’ll stay aboard the boat far more because the forest paths are all flooded. I seriously suggest taking a swim with the piranhas – most species don’t bite…   

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