How To Travel Without Fear As A Business Owner

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Leaving your business to go on a personal trip can be extremely scary for a business owner. If this is your first time leaving, I am sure you are constantly checking your phone and computer, ready for a disaster to strike at any moment. But, I want to assure you that if you follow a few steps to put your business in a good place, you can travel without fear as a business owner.

In fact, travel can even do you a lot of good and it can possibly make you a better business owner. Under 30 CEO says, “Taking time out to explore the world might seem like an indulgent escape from the real world for a while, but in fact traveling might give you some essential skills and experiences needed to become a successful business owner. The independent and risk taking personality that is natural for many entrepreneurs are also the same traits that are second-nature to backpackers.


An example of this can be found in the learning & adapting process that is necessary in travel. In order to respect local residents, cultures, landmarks and environments when traveling you’ve got to learn quickly about different cultures and languages. Sometimes what would be perfectly normal at home could be extremely offensive in the country you are visiting. As such, you need to become more aware of those around you, as well as having an increased awareness of how you project yourself to others. In addition to this, you have to learn to adapt to fit into the culture around you, if, for example, you are in a culturally conservative country, you have to become more modest in your clothes and behavior than you would probably be normally.

Again, these are vital skills needed to be a successful business owner. No matter how many business websites you read and entrepreneur help books you study, the only way to learn how to be a business owner is once you start actually being a business owner. What works for even the most successful CEO doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you or your company. Instead the ability to learn as you go and adapt to meet new requirements and technological and social trends are essential.” See – travel can be good for the business owner, so get out there and do it (after using these tips below to help prepare your business):


Find Your Right Hand Man

Find your right hand man that literally does it all while you are away. Train them to know the business in and out, just as you do, so that they are able to handle anything related to the business while you are away. Then, also have a knowledgeable team under that person so that hopefully, if anything does come up, the team can handle it and if not, your right hand man can. If you have a great team and a fantastic manager under you, everything should go according to plan and if you do ever get a call or email while you are away, it would hopefully be very minor.


Set Your Office Up For Success

Set your office up for success by leaving your computer support needs and office equipment needs to the professionals at Ameritechnology. Ameritechnology is a NJ-based business, providing the newest technology and services such as copier leasing, customized service contracts, printer fleet maintenance, office computer services, and subscriptions for ink, toner, and other consumables. Their goal is to give the clients they serve one-on-one service, to make sure their products and services help their business run efficiently and they have 60 years of combined experience doing so!


Ameritechnology says, “We sell technology-driven customized solutions. You can buy a copier or printer from a big-box store or your local office supply store. But are you buying more than you need? Less? Will that new technology integrate with your existing network?  The choice is not always clear. Ameritechnology wants to help.


Our process begins with a clear understanding of your office operations and network infrastructure. We ask questions, make workflow recommendations and create a customized plan that will both simplify and optimize your current and future printing and NJ computer support, or copier lease needs.

We then deliver and maintain networked solutions using the most innovative and economical technologies that improve your business’ operational efficiency and make your life easier with our printer maintenance plan.”

Ameritechnology makes it easy for business owners to travel the world, knowing that their office will run smoothly using their copier leases and printer fleet maintenance services, especially with their amazing customer service! They do not stop caring once your machines are plugged in. Instead, you will receive courtesy calls to check in and if you do ever have an issue, they respond quickly and efficiently. Stay calm while you travel with the help of the amazing services from Ameritechnology.


Make It Easy To Work Remotely

If you do need to work for any reason (maybe a minor issue came up), set yourself up for success by having the capability to work remotely. The remote world is extremely beneficial and I truly think that a lot of companies are incorporating it more and more. It not only makes fixing issues easier and less stressful, but it also allows your team to have the ability to work from home and be with their families, when needed.


Trust Your Team

The most important part of letting go of your fear while you travel is to trust your team. Remember – you taught them from the ground up and if you did it the right way, they should be capable of almost anything related to the company, so you have to trust that you did a good job and that they can handle it.


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