5 Point Checklist for Mountain Adventures with Your Kids

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Heading to the mountains with your kiddos in tow can provide a lot of fun adventures. Whether you’re looking to go during the winter months for some skiing excitement or you prefer to head out with nicer weather for a fun hike, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, no matter which option you decide to choose, it’s important that you take all necessary precautions. After all, mountainsides can provide additional challenges for those little ones, so be sure to follow this five point checklist for mountain adventures with your kids.


  1. Food and Drink

Your child requires sustenance and hydration, and whether you’re on the mountain in cold or warm weather conditions, it’s important you have plenty of food and drink on hand. You know your child best, so you should plan your schedule and food/drink supply accordingly. For instance, if you know your child needs snacks throughout the day, you should prepare to bring plenty of snacks along for the trip. In addition, you may also want to consider keeping your mountainside adventures shorter in duration so you have time to head back to the hotel/cabin for a rest. When you can plan food and drink ahead of time, you can help alleviate any instances where your child has a temper tantrum on the edge of a mountain because they’re hungry.


  1. Clothing

It’s very important to put your child in the right type of clothing when you are taking a mountain adventure. Before you pack for your child or get them dressed for the day, it’s very important you take into consideration the following:

  • Weather
  • Outdoor pests
  • Temperature changes based on incline

The outside temperature and weather at the time of your adventure will make a difference in how you dress your child. Be sure to have items on hand like wool socks to keep their feet warm (especially in colder conditions). If it’s raining, you’ll want to ensure they have waterproof clothing on, and if it’s hot, make sure they’re not overheating.


In addition to the weather, you also need to consider the outdoor pests. For instance, will you be hiking in an area that is prone to poison ivy, ticks, or other hazardous animals, plants, or pests? You need to know this information to ensure your child is dressed appropriately to keep them from coming into contact with something that’s potentially dangerous.


Finally, your child’s clothing should also accommodate changes in temperature based on incline. For instance, you may start out in an 80-degree location, but as you continue to climb, the temperature may drop significantly. If your child is dressed only for that 80-degree weather, you could put them at risk for hypothermia without the proper attire.


  1. First Aid Kit

Whenever you are doing anything adventurous with children, it’s very important for you to have a first aid kit on hand. While you hope to never need it, it’s always better to have this on hand just in case of a fall or scrape. Covering a small scrape with a bandage and some ointment could be the difference between your child continuing on the adventure or screaming to go home.


  1. Safety Gear

The type of safety gear you will need for your mountain adventure will depend on the age of your child, their behavior, and your actual adventure. For instance, you’ll likely need more safety gear for a young child who is prone to walking away while hiking on a steep mountainside. Consider having items where you can strap your child to your chest (if they’re young enough) or having a tether that connects you to your child. You’ll also want to make sure your child has the right footwear, as it’s important to have climbing boots or snow boots to handle the different weather and terrains. Before you take your adventure, it’s a good idea to head to a local outdoors retailer to ensure you’re getting all the right items.


  1. Education

Before you head out on your mountain adventure with a child, it’s important you get all the education you possibly can—for both you and your child. Be sure you have a solid understanding of the area you’re visiting and what exactly you’ll be doing while there. You should also have an understanding of any possible risks or threats to you and your family too. Once you have the basics, be sure to educate your child as best as you can. Make sure they understand how they need to wear certain clothes/gear or that they cannot walk away from you. The more you talk to your child about the adventure, the safer they will be.


When it comes to taking mountain adventures with your kids, be sure you have this checklist in place before you go.


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