Child-friendly travel: The initial checklist

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There was once a time where travel was a simple affair. Then, the kids came.

Few would disagree that this brings a different complexity to enjoying your holiday. Now, you’re perhaps not choosing destinations based on vibrant nightlife, but more on what it takes to keep the little ones happy.

Of course, planning such a getaway is easier said than done. This is what today’s guide is all about, as we look at four areas you should be looking to keep on top of as you plan your child-friendly holiday.

Consider Cities Like Portsmouth

If you are planning a trip to the UK, you might have your heart set on London – and this isn’t a surprise.

However, when traveling with your little ones, a degree of common sense needs to enter the picture. It’s cities like London which bring crowds of tourists and if your family is young, this is something that is going to be difficult, and stressful, to deal with.

It means that this presents the perfect opportunity to think outside the box. Consider somewhere like Portsmouth, which still has plenty to do but without the tourist-heavy crowds which can really weigh your trip down.

Stay longer in each location

For those of you who might be looking at staying in several locations across your trip, this point is for you.

Again, if we return to your younger days, there’s no doubt that “city hopping” was a big thing. Staying a day or two in one city, before jumping to another, was the fashionable thing to do.

Unfortunately, such an approach doesn’t work quite as well with little ones. This is the exact way to prompt more stress; the process of moving between places isn’t easy and needs to be reduced by any means possible.

As such, try and stay longer in each location. It might mean that you don’t manage to tick off each and every destination on your list – but trust us, it will save you in terms of stress.

Be shrewd with your baggage

Next, it’s time to be shrewd about your baggage. As we all know, as soon as parenthood comes upon us, a trip to the shop becomes a huge adventure. It means that many of us automatically think that we should consider packing up everything we have with us for our trips away.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like this. Let’s not forget that the more things you take, the more stressful trips become. There are more things to lose, and tired shoulders don’t play well into anyone’s mood. Ultimately, you need to remember that if the worst does happen and you desperately need a particular item, you can simply buy it in your destination country anyway.

Plan your flights around sleep patterns

Of course, this final point can sometimes relate to your budget. After all, we all know how flights at certain times can shoot up in price.

Nevertheless, if you do have the luxury of choosing, try and plan your flights around sleeping patterns. If you know that your little one sleeps on the plane, try and opt for a night flight. Alternatively, if you know they are going to be awake for the entire flight, going for the opposite course of action should be your way forward.

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