Motorcycle Camping Gear Guide

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Part of the glory of owning a motorcycle is the freedom that comes with it. When you’re on your bike, you feel unrestricted by time, responsibilities or location. Yet, at the end of the day, you still have to ride your bike home, pull it into your garage and get back to real life … or do you? 

If you’re two hours from home and decide that the sunset over the Grand Canyon deserves more than a passing glance, you should be able to pull up to a nearby campground and make camp for the night. If you’re riding across the Badlands and decide you want to see the area come to life in the early hours of the morning, it shouldn’t even be a question of whether or not you should pitch a tent and wait for dawn to approach. With the right motorcycle camping gear, you can cave to your whims and fully realize the freedom that motorcycles provide. That said, what gear is the “right” gear?

Lightweight Tent 

If you’re cruising with just yourself or one other person, you don’t need a roomy tent — in fact, you should forego the standard camping tent and instead invest in a one- or two-person backpacking tent. Backpacking tents are small and lightweight, yet they’re surprisingly durable and can holdup in extreme weather conditions. You’ll also save money on gas and space by electing to purchase a smaller shelter. Higher quality backpacking tents often weigh less than five pounds. 

TTLIFE Camping Cookware

If you’re like many aspiring vagabonds, you assume that the only utensils you can reasonably carry with you are a spoon, fork, knife and can opener, but you’d be wrong. The TTLIFE Camping Cookware kit is a 12-piece kit that contains one nonstick pot, one nonstick pan, one pot cover, two bowls, a stainless steel fork, a wooden spoon spatula, a soup spoon and more contains everything you need to cook gourmet meals when out in the wilderness — and it’s just 1.33 pounds. 

Lightweight Sleeping Mat

Like backpacking tents, there are several outdoorsman sleeping mats on the market today. Though they look flimsy, they’re far more comfortable than any sleeping bag and far easier to transport as well. If you put in the legwork, you can find one of these bad boys that weighs in at less than one pound. 

Military-Grade Multitool

You may have made all the best motorcycle mods before embarking on your adventures but that doesn’t make you immune to accidents or acts of nature. When a rainstorm rolls through and your bike gets stuck in the mud, you’re going to need a shovel to dig yourself out. If you want to cut firewood, you’ll need a saw. How will you start that fire? That’s where the fire starter comes in. 

Motorcycle Fairing 

If you plan on travelling a great distance, you want to do all that you can to keep fuel costs down. In addition to packing lightweight camping gear, you should also make a few modifications to your bike, one of which is adding a motorcycle fairing. OEM motorcycle fairings are designed to reduce air drag, which can help both with your travel time and your gas mileage. 

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