Why Cruising is the Perfect Vacation Choice for Any Season

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When you hear the term “cruise,” you may envision an expensive, warm weather vacation that honeymooners take to tropical locations.

And while you can certainly find cruises ideal for love birds and which feature plenty of sun-soaked days on an expensive ship with stops at pristine beaches, cruising is a much more well-rounded vacation option than you may realize.

As for how and why cruising is practical for any time of the year — and ideal for groups of any size and with varying budgets — consider the following:

Cruise Ships Travel the World Over

If you want to relax in the warm sun, both on board the ship and at tropical ports of call, by all means book a cruise to Mexico, the Caribbean or the South Pacific. However, there are plenty of other options that will allow you to see gorgeous parts of the world while wearing something other than a swimsuit.

For example, Princess offers a number of Alaska cruise packages that are available for any season. So, if you’ve saved up some have vacation time for the winter and want to experience glaciers, wildlife and national parks, this type of cruise will be perfect for you.

Bottom line: If you pack the right type of apparel, cruises are an ideal travel option regardless of when and where you go.

Cruises Offer Great Value

Taking a cruise doesn’t have to be a budget-busting experience. In fact, they tend to be the perfect choice for money-conscious vacationers. Even the shortest vacation can get pricey when you factor in airfare, hotel stays, meals and other costs. But when you book a cruise, just about everything is all-inclusive. Better yet, some cruise packages include airfare, which makes them an extra-attractive option for people on a budget.

Cruises are Ideal for Couples and Large Family Reunions

When it comes to vacation options that are well-suited for couples and extended families alike, it’s hard to beat a cruise. Of course, cruises offer varying amenities, themes and activities, which means you can choose a vacation ideal for you and your guests.

For instance, some cruises focus on creating experiences for the whole family, including activities for the kids and fun for the adults. Additionally, you can enjoy family time together — everyone can gather together for dinner in the ship’s dining room — and have free time where everyone does their own thing.

Meantime, couples can enjoy romantic strolls on board the ship while watching the sunset and explore the ports of call together. Some cruises even offer options for singles who want to meet that special someone.

Cruises Make Sense for Those Averse to Planning

If planning an itinerary gives you heart palpitations, a cruise is an ideal solution to your trip anxiety. When you choose a cruise, the schedule is already planned for you, so there is no worrying about which hotels to book, what activities to plan and which restaurants to try. Granted, you do have to select your cruise package and dates of travel, but the friendly cruise ship crew will handle everything else.

It’s Always a Perfect Time for a Cruise

It must be nice to know you don’t have to win the lottery or travel with only your sweetie to enjoy a cruise. Once you start looking at your options, you’ll realize cruises are ideal for any budget and any size group during just about any season of the year.


  1. Maryann D. says

    I would love to take a family cruise one day! When I was young I did take a “Cruise to Nowhere” which was fun too.

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