Breakaway from lethargy: How to make healthy choices one-at-a-time

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Our days seem to get busier by the second. Juggling work, family and social life sometimes do not leave time for anything else. It becomes challenging to incorporate health into a busy lifestyle.


Everybody does not have the time to go to the gym every day or take fitness classes. However, you don’t have to take out time to get fit. Small efforts go a long way. A few healthy choices can make a significant difference in your fitness level.


Here are ways to break away from lethargy by making healthy choices one at a time:


Pack a fruit:

The next you feel tempted to reach for a cookie, eat the fruit instead. This practice’s advantages are two-fold. The first advantage is that you avoid food that is full of sugar. The second is you incorporate fresh fruit into your diet.


Once eating fruit is routine, it can very well be transformed into lunch. There are several ways to do this. A popular option is to combine them with oats that have been soaked overnight. But you can also simply cut fruits and sprinkle salt (sometimes honey as well) and enjoy an easy but nutritious meal.  


Make your water intake exciting:

It is crucial to maintain an optimal level of water in our bodies. Most of the time, we do not realise that we are dehydrated. This is because many people do not drink water until they feel thirsty. While thirst is a good indicator of our water needs, it is not enough.


A refreshing way to increase your water intake is by consuming beverages. Use this method- have water when you feel thirsty and a water-based drink whenever you feel like it! In summers, opt for beverages such as iced teas and fresh juices and in winters, switch to teas such as green and chamomile tea. There are a variety of drinks available in the market, and many such as green tea carry additional health benefits.  


Additionally, you can increase your intake of food with high water content. Cucumbers and watermelons are easily available and make for tasty, yet healthy snacks.


Bid goodbye to the blue light:

Sleep is a crucial factor in determining our health. Disturbed sleep leads to high levels of lethargy, blood pressure and heart disease risk. Irregular sleep levels eventually lead to memory problems and a weak immune system function. By bidding goodbye to your phone, laptop and any other screen two hours before your sleep time, your eyes have no exposure to the blue light emitted by them. These blue lights disrupt sleep quality by readjusting our body’s circadian rhythm ( the body’s internal clock).


Walk to work:

This is possibly one of the easiest yet most efficient ways to make a change for the better. Regular walking has several benefits, such as lower blood pressure and better muscle endurance. Walking to walk is a small and simple way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. To make the walk truly enjoyable, do not walk hastily but take your time looking at the surroundings. This makes walking not a dreaded task but something you can look forward to every day.


Once, you are accustomed to walking for long periods. You can try trekking at scenic locations.  It is truly exhilarating to reach the top and sometimes even catch a glorious sunrise. Trekking is a great way to build stamina and have fun at the same time. However, trekking is not always as strenuous as it is thought to be. There are plenty of short and simple treks that are suitable for beginners. Carry the best pocket knife to make your trek a breeze.


Spend time with your family and friends:

This may be an unconventional addition to the list; however, spending time with our loved ones is an excellent way to make a healthy choice without even knowing it. Meeting family and friends often strengthens personal relationships. Social interaction promotes a longer lifespan and has shown to decrease the health risks associated with hypertension and heart disease. A healthy support system has also been linked to better recovery.


While sitting in a pub sipping chilled beer and watching a football match can be a great activity to relax once in a while. It is better to not indulge in alcohol every time you meet them. Replace regular drinking sessions and try playing a friendly game or even camping at the weekends instead. These are fun alternatives to spend time with each other.


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