Infrared Body Wraps: All About the Procedure

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A man has the power to create his\her personality. Everyone can change his\her character, improve appearance, control the weight, etc. The way we treat ourselves determines what persons we are. If one cares about his\her health, regularly visits doctors, makes healing procedures, others characterize that person as a responsible, progressive and mature man or woman. So, what’s the main message of this narration? The thing is, everyone should take health very seriously, and be able to prevent different diseases instead of getting sick.  

Infrared body wrapping is one of the most effective procedures to rejuvenate the whole organism, increase muscle tone, and improve health. Let’s take a peek at advantages, disadvantages, effects and other details about this medical operation. 

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Herbal Infrared Wrapping: How, Where and Why? 

To eliminate cellulite, lose extra weight, improve the skin condition and detoxify the body, people use herbal wraps with infrared rays. The procedure is safe, pleasant, and causes instant visible results. Already after the first session,  patients feel considerable relief and energy flow. This treatment method works as natural body processes stimulator. Human organism easily consumes infrared light that deeply penetrates the skin, breaks down fats and eliminates toxins. Body wrapping is one of the easiest methods on how to burn calories and provoke better metabolism processes. One infrared wrapping session includes: 

  • cleansing the skin with a scrub or special gel; 
  • massaging the skin to improve blood circulation and warm up the body; 
  • applying a special herbal medicine or other healing fluids; 
  • wrapping the body into a heated infrared blanket. 

   In this condition, the heat deeply penetrates the body. The construction of the blanket provides a tight fit to keep heat inside. After a while, the pores open and the sweating process begins. Due to this, the blood flow and metabolic processes increase, the surface of the skin becomes smooth and nourished. At the end of the session, a patient can take a shower and get a massage with special creams.  

If the treatment is proper, the client notices results immediately. His\her immunity is better, the subcutaneous fat is less noticeable, the skin is smooth, pores are clean, and cellulite is eliminated. That’s a good opportunity to rejuvenate the whole body because wrapping stimulates skin regeneration, fights with wrinkles, removes swelling and restore the natural elasticity of the dermis. This calorie-burning and detoxifying process removes all harmful substances from the body, increases blood circulation, and provide patients with great wellness for a long time. 


Are There Contraindications For Infrared Light Wrapping? 

Even though many beauty salons offer wrapping sessions, these procedures must be prescribed by doctors. Overheating or infrared light may cause damage to the body if apply it inappropriately. The list of prohibitions is below: 

  • pregnancy; 
  • lactation; 
  • increased skin sensitivity; 
  • inadequate age (children under 6 years and adults over 60); 
  • menstruation; 
  • cardiovascular disorders; 
  • tumors; 
  • thrombophlebitis; 
  • hypertension; 
  • gynecological diseases;  
  • varicose veins; 
  • burns, wounds; 
  • a tendency to bleeding; 
  • diabetes; 
  • acute inflammatory diseases. 


Remember! Don’t practice self-medication and consult a doctor before making any procedure! 

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