How to Mix and Match an Asymmetric Kurti for a Refreshing Look

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The new-age of Indian fashion has come with many styling options for the Indian woman. Whether she is a housewife or a working-class woman. They are free-spirited and want to try every fashionable piece that they can get. As from the trendy styles, chic looks and ethnic pieces they love adorning to the colorful outfits that are all the craze in town. The women love transforming their ethnic pieces to more contemporary looks to upgrade their traditional pieces and flaunt their fashionable tastes. Hence with the various types of Kurtis available, the asymmetric Kurti has become a popular look that you can see with most women. Here are some of the various ways that you can mix and match this asymmetric kurtis to boost your style game.

Style with fitting churidar

Firstly, fitting churidar is an ideal choice to style an asymmetric high low KurtisThis brings out a vintage look with a chic touch. When wearing these bottoms ensure that it has enough churis and the pants are fitting to achieve a good look. Choose a print asymmetric Kurti to style with cream, white or black churidar. Alternatively, you can decide to wear a color block combination of a blue asymmetric kurta paired with a brown churidar which is perfect for a casual day out. When you choose this as your mix and match option complete the look with a beautiful statement neckpiece, wedges and hold your hair up into a loose braid for that playful look.

Pair with skirts   

Do you want to achieve a carefree bohemian look with your asymmetric Kurti? Pair it with a lungi skirt and you will love the outcome. This look helps you embrace the bohemian look and not all women can pull it off. It requires women with a bold sense of fashion and those who love experimenting with different looks. Choose one option of your asymmetric Kurtis that has large motifs on a colorful print with a contrasting skirt. This is an indo-western look that you can adorn to social gatherings, casual parties among other events. Accessorize with a tote bag, earthy makeup and a pair of pencil heels. Try this look and shine your inner bohemian diva.

Mix and match with cigarette pants

If you need a professional look with an asymmetric Kurtis. A pair of cigarette pants to match this Kurti is the right option for that descent and traditional look. These pants are also known as straight pants and they are comfortable especially during the summer season. Since you are looking for a professional look. A monochrome blend is best, for instance, one of cream color. Optionally, you can style the same cream asymmetric Kurti with brown or black pants which is also an excellent look for such an event. Balance out the embellishments of this ensemble as well. For instance, when the Kurti is embroidered it matches well with a plain linen cigarette pant. Nude makeup, a duffel bag, and flat mojris are great accessories to accentuate this outfit and also to flaunt during the office party. 

Style with palazzo pants 

As for a traditional gathering look. Styling an asymmetric Kurti with palazzo pants is a win for this occasion. Choose comfortable and cool cotton palazzo pants since this is a heavy look. A royal trail of asymmetric Kurti styles with chanderi, georgette or cotton with cotton palazzo pants is an ideal ensemble. The palazzo you choose is best when it has an inner lining since it makes the palazzo more durable. To boost this traditional look and to flaunt out your sassiness. Wear the Indian printed headgear or and embroidered one, a matching embroidered clutch and a traditional chain. Choose nude lips and Smokey eyes for your makeup look and you have a complete ethnic diva look.

Blend with shiny metallic tights 

Although there are many other pants that you can blend with your asymmetric Kurti. For a more vibrant look, the shiny metallic pants are a better option. Choose these shiny tights or neutral leggings for that Sunday brunch look. Plus, consider those that are in a vibrant hue in silver, gold or bright orange color. This looks stunning in a white or jet black asymmetric Kurti that is sleeveless. Additionally, this look is best to add an illusion of sleekness and height for those who aim for it.  It is also proof that an exquisite look lies in minimalisation. Accessorize it with a neutral tone earring, a lovely plain scarf, a bold red lip, and a braided ponytail for your outstanding look.

Pair with denim 

Not only has the kaftan style Kurti paired well with a pair of denim. An asymmetric Kurti that falls on one side is also a great choice that matches a pair of denim. The best denim that will give you that refreshing look is the skinny denim which also gives a beautiful fusion look. This is a good look for college students but also it fits as an office look. Nonetheless, ensure that you wear with minimal accessories. Choose a simple color for the Kurti keeping in mind that pairing style is denim. Hold your hair into a ponytail and pair with flats or wedges and complete your look.

To sum up, the above mix and match looks show some of the best ways to style an asymmetric Kurti. These ways can also work with other types of Kurtis and of course other types of Indian outfits like the Anarkali. Whether you are interested to have a whole traditional look or a fusion look with your asymmetric Kurti all of this is possible. Therefore, know the style that flatters your body type and also you can experiment with some of the above. On the other hand, you can choose to also go bottomless and wear your asymmetric Kurti with no bottoms as a single dress. That you can wear to an evening party or on a date night for it is also a refreshing look.


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