How to Save the Most on Airplane Tickets

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Who doesn’t want to travel? We all have places we want to visit and say we’ve been to, but travel has many gatekeepers. You need time off; you need to make sure your children can either stay at a sitter or can come with you, and then there’s the biggest gatekeeper of them all: money. 

The smartphone world has made some aspects of travel much more affordable. Ride sharing services have saved some of the headaches that come with cab fare. Airbnb offers places that are much cheaper to stay at than your average hotel. You can make your own food while you travel, such as sparkling water and donuts. However, when you have to fly, there isn’t any new services to make the cost easier. Not yet, anyway! 

However, it’s possible to get plane tickets for cheap. Here are a few ways how. 


  • Choose the Cheapest Days to Fly 


Some people cannot pick the day they fly, but if you can, make sure you choose the cheapest days. This can differ, but in general, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday is your best bet, at least in the domestic US. Any weekday is better if you’re an international travel. 

The days to avoid? Friday and Sunday. These days do make sense, since many people fly for a weekend trip. 

Of course, there are some exceptions. In fact, some may tell you that this is a myth, and instead you should look at it. 


  • Avoiding Busy Seasons 


The busy seasons can depend on country to country, but for people in the US, the busiest seasons are during the peak of summer and the holiday season. Consider a springtime or autumn trip, and you may not have to pay too much. 


  • The Cheapest Tickets Doesn’t Make the Cheapest Flight


When searching for tickets, you may see tickets that are much cheaper than the rest. One such example is Spirit Airlines, whose prices are too good to be true. However, Spirit and similar airlines are known for their baggage fees, which do add up. If you’re traveling light, it may be worth it, but if you’re packing a lot or plan to take a sackful of souvenirs home with you, you may want to look for someplace else. 


  • Have a Flexible Schedule 


If you want to pick the cheapest tickets, you may have to pick an hour that is not comfortable for you. For example, a flight early in the morning. Few people like to get up extremely early or pull an all-nighter to fly, but a little sleep deprivation can save you some money. Make sure you have a neck pillow and some noise-canceling headphones so you can catch up on rest! 


  • Stay in the Loop for Deals 


With flight tickets, there’s always a deal or a price drop going on. Some sites can allow you to sign up for the latest deals. These include The Flight Deal and Hitlist. Google Flights can alert you to dates or routes that you specify. 

Also, there is no shame in trying Priceline or Expedia. You can find good deals there. 

The point is to look everywhere for your best deal. You may be surprised with what you have. 


  • Brand Loyalty 


Some people don’t care what company they choose for the flight. As long as the price is fair and it can take them from point A to point B, that’s all that matters, right? 

Well, don’t forget about rewards programs. Many companies will give you rewards the more flights you purchase, or if you sign up for their deals. This can lead to future flights that are free or low-cost. 


  • Look at More Than One Airport 


If you live in an area where there is more than one airport within driving distance, compare airports. You may find that even though one airport is an hour further than the other, they may have cheaper tickets that make the extra drive worth it. 

These are just a few tips. Finding cheap tickets can be stressful and something that’s a job for therapy, but by being mindful of some travel trips, you can get the best flight for the price you want. 

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