10 Fabulous Fashion Marketing Tips

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Fashion marketing, OMG! This is the ultimate dream industry to be in for many. Like food and beverage manufacturing, the fashion industry is extremely competitive. This presents a major obstacle for those who engage in fashion marketing. As Statista reports, clothing happens to be the world’s largest global apparel market as measured by turnover (annual retail value of goods), with US apparel retail sales alone regularly exceeding US$15 billion dollars per month!

With affluent millennials representing the majority of online luxury fashion purchases, there’s never been more pressure on brands to produce highly aesthetic advertisements that lure both in-person and online buyers alike. One popular method to engage viewers has proven to be 360º videos. This is an emerging form of videography in which the camera revolves around a stationary object or actor. 

If you’d like to learn how this and other types of advertising can engage your audience, here are 10 tips on how best to implement them for maximum sales potential:

Keep consistent brand look: Fashion brands like Ralph Lauren always look the same. They have that instantly recognizable look that lets you identify them immediately. It can be easy to think that they do this because they have an unlimited budget, but the truth is that what they do is quite simple: The founder knew he wanted to keep his company selling polo shirts no matter what, and so he created a brand for it!

Focusing on your best sellers is key when marketing fashion: While you never want to undersell yourself, it’s important not to spread yourself too thin by trying to take advantage of every new trend that emerges in the market. After all, if your current top-sellers are doing so well for you, wouldn’t it make more sense to double down on what’s already guaranteed to produce results, rather than risk losing out by throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks?

Pamper your website: Yes, you should invest in it. But don’t put too much effort into this. It shouldn’t be like pampering yourself; because your website serves as your virtual storefront. Ensure that you are updating your physical appearance before people come to see it.

Remind your customers not to forget about their shopping carts: Did you know that about 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts? One of the main reasons for this behavior, besides getting distracted by other things, is because many retailers do not show urgency, and they do not encourage shoppers to buy what they want currently. We know we can make great deals available, but too often, we don’t communicate these deals effectively (whether through email, ads or social media); and some retailers allow consumers to think that items may be sold out when in fact more inventory exists (so if you’re selling merchandise on your website via e-commerce, then you should show whether there is more of a specific item than is immediately visible – so as not to give off the appearance that there may be none left.)

Ideas to add some fun + excitement: People love surprises and love to feel special. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but it can make someone’s day and offer them a little joy…think of it as the ultimate Customer Loyalty Program!

Create style guides: While marketing fashion products and accessories might seem like a natural thing to you, your customers probably have a different story to tell. Even seasoned shoppers can appreciate some guidance when it comes to what goes with what, and the same is true of newcomers. Style guides are fine resources for this! They’re helpful educational tools for all kinds of shoppers―and will make for great marketing campaigns in your stores, emails, web pages and social media. So creating them is definitely worth the effort!

Use video for marketing: You know that videos are hot, hot, hot when it comes to marketing. Businesses that use video grow their revenues 49% faster than those who don’t! So, if you do not have any video on your web page or blog yet, then get with the times! There are plenty of ways you can incorporate video into your business. Whether it is having models show off your latest hit collection in a fashion show, displaying how to wear one of your staple articles of clothing like sweaters with leggings in the winter, or getting viewers excited about auctions through promotional videos about new products or collections. Video encourages engagement that will boost sales and increase profits today! You can try out InVideo’s online video editor to create stunning videos.

Create a YouTube channel: Creating original videos is just the beginning. You can reach out to video bloggers who agree to feature your products or engage with your audience by sharing your videos for free! This idea has the potential to appeal to consumers without you having to do all the work.

Maintain a familiar and consistent presence: Social media and other forms of social and technological connectivity can give businesses an unprecedented connection with their audiences, but this newfound availability can sometimes lead to a lack of familiarity. Keep in mind that creating a familiar and consistent presence can not only ensure your brand stays on top of its audience’s mind, but will also help you fulfill industry expectations.

Remarket: Selling online is very hard, especially if you’re just starting out. We strongly suggest that you take advantage of various ways to remind your visitors about the products you have for sale. That way, they can return to your store or shop online again because if you are offering them top-quality merchandise at great prices, then you know that there’s a chance they might actually purchase something from your store or site!

Today’s blog post is on some of the best fashion marketing tips that can help your company grow. As you will see, there are many different ways to market your fashion line. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to be successful. Some of the best fashion marketing campaigns that we have seen are on social media. This is because many people are on their smartphones and laptops all day. So, it is important to find ways to get on the platforms that your clients are regularly on so that you can reach them.


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