5 Ways That Motherhood Takes Its Toll On You

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When you start having kids, people try to warn you how tough it can be but we don’t think anyone really warns enough. Yes, we love our kids unconditionally but there is a real toll that it takes on us mothers. Here are some ways that it can take its toll that you might not realize.


Your back

During your pregnancy, your back is one of the places that gets it the most, especially at the end. Your back is one of the most important areas of your body and it gets a lot of issues as your pregnancy goes along. In the years that follow, you might need to see a Chiropractor to ensure there is no lasting damage. Plus, lifting your babies is one of the toughest workouts that your back can get and sometimes they can wriggle and hurt your back. 

It can age you

We sometimes wonder if having kids ages us because we feel so tired but it turns out, having kids actually ages you. And we mean this literally. Researchers have discovered that each pregnancy ages a woman’s cells by two years. So, when you are feeling drained after a long day, it’s not in your head, you have actually aged with every pregnancy. With this in mind, you need to get those super fruits into your diet.

Childbirth is painful

This is one of those things that people do try and warn you about but they don’t do a good job of explaining how painful it is. Yes, it is painful but manageable. However, in the days and weeks that follow, you will still feel sore. It is rare that you will be able to skip about like a spring lamb after giving birth. I some cases, you can still feel the pain from stitches years later. It is a good idea to keep an eye on these pains and niggles in case they develop into something else.

It can be lonely

Getting out of the house to see anyone can be tough. And if you are the first of your friends to have a baby, they will not understand what you are dealing with. Over time, you might discover that your friends drift away as you are busy with parenting stuff. We would like to point out, this can be lonely at first but over time, you will make new mom friends. Or your friends will start to join the parenting club too. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other moms if you a feeling the strain of motherhood.

It is expensive

If there is one place that gets hit hard, it is your wallet. Having kids is expensive and at some point, the cost might stop you from having any more. From the medical bills to the stuff that you need for them as a baby, to the items they need for school and their clubs. Having kids is one way to ensure that your savings get a pounding. There are some places that estimate the cost of a child can be as much as $10,000 per year, every year until they are 18 years old. 

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