3 Ways to Make Friends in a Hostel When Traveling Solo

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One way to save money when traveling to China is to opt for cheap accommodation facilities. And hostels are one of these affordable places to stay.

But if you are traveling alone you may be afraid to stay in a hostel. It could be that you have never been good at interacting with strangers and are thus afraid you won’t make friends. However, making friends is a skill that you can learn if you are willing.

Here are three ways to make friends in a hostel when traveling solo to China:


  • Sign Up For Some Social Events


Hostels that cater to travelers in China have their programs. But it is safe to assume that the hostel will take the time to organize some social events. And those that don’t may offer a hostel notice board for its residents to organize such events on their own.

You should not feel obligated to sign up for all social events. But if you see social events that interest you, sign up for one or two even if you are scared. Chances are that there will be other introverts just as scared of interaction as you are. But you are all likely to bond over mutual interests.

Some of the social events you could sign up for include a group hike to a popular Chinese destination, a bar crawl, a reading session with a famous author, etc. 

If you can’t find out something that you wanted, be a little bit adventurous. And choose something that looks interesting that you can at least attempt. The goal is to put yourself in a social situation where you have to interact with others.


  • Get To Know the Hostel Employees


No rule says that you must only make friends with hostel guests, is there? So, you don’t have to. 

Hostel employees, on the other hand, may be more of what you are looking for when interacting with people. Most of them will probably know China more than you do, even if they are not Chinese. You can take the time to chat with them and ask for advice.

The local knowledge of the staff of the hotel in which you stay can prove to be very invaluable. They have probably experienced it all. They can tell you the best places to go and what attractions in China you should prioritize if budget and time are an issue. Some may even offer to act as your guide during their free time.

You may discover that you have more in common with the hostel staff than you do with the guests. And that’s okay. By showing them respect and listening to their advice, you may end up forging valuable friendships that last long beyond your Chinese tourist trip.


  • Take the First Step and Reach Out to Your Roommates


Roommates are always part and parcel of living in a hostel. And so they should form your first social circle since you will be spending several hours each day with them.

It helps to reach out to your roommates. Say hi and ask how they are. That first step breaks the ice and makes most people feel comfortable. It can also draw out the shy ones. And you are more likely to make friends if you take the initiative. People tend to gravitate towards those that are friendly and approachable. 

Don’t be afraid to stay in a hostel to save money because you have no idea of what awaits you. So long as you choose a reputable Chinese hostel you should be fine. Making friends afterward will be up to you. 

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