Documentary Preparation for Moving Abroad With Kids

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Without a doubt, relocating to another country is a difficult task; it’s especially stressful if you have children. It’s not just about starting a new life with your kids thousands of miles away, it also takes several months of planning ahead. Although the entire process appears uncomplicated, there is a significant amount of documentation to organize and complete prior to moving.

There are some critical documents you will need to make sure you have when migrating overseas. Make a plan and ensure you don’t forget anything vital when preparing for your relocation overseas. Considering the preparation of your documentation, create a different subfolder and arrange the subsections according to the type of folder you have.

Documentation needed to migrate to a different country

Before you even decide to buy tickets, it’s best to first consult with the embassy of the country you’re planning to move to about which documents are essential. Some countries have more requirements than others, but in general, when relocating to another country, you need to have two documents with you – a passport and a visa.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to have all of the family member’s passports renewed if they are getting close to their expiry date.

Birth certificates, work permits, and international health insurance cards are some of the other things you will most likely need. Since you’ll probably move to a different-language-speaking country, it’s important to find the best certified translation services for your documents. It’s important to have any health documents or medical records translated as well so you and your family can get your health insurance as soon as you arrive in the moving country.

Make sure to prepare your academic records to take with you, because without them you might have problems proving your academic success and level of education for future work positions. Also never forget to take your marriage certificate with you, because without it you may have problems communicating your marital status with the destination country officials.

If you have a social security card, bring a duplicate with you when you relocate. Keep the original in a secure spot during your journey. You can always reach the Social Security Administration for a replacement card if you are a US citizen. In case of applying for a new card, you must also provide all required documentation.

Contact the embassy of the country you’re moving to

Each government has its own migration rules. Make sure to inform yourself about all the different documents you and your family need when moving to a different country. You can call the embassy and arrange a meeting if their policies allow you to. The workers in the embassy will provide all the information you need, starting from documentation and country policies, to finding accommodation and housing in the new country. 

Every country has different policies for foreigners moving into their country and they also have different policies for foreigners depending on the country they are coming from. It can also vary depending on the number of family members you’re moving with. So it is really important to call the embassy of the country you’re planning to move to as there might be some things you weren’t aware of, even if you thought that you prepared yourself thoroughly.

The embassy will most likely provide information about all of the schooling options for your children, depending on their age and academic records. It’s probable that you will have to arrange this prior to moving, so it’s better to know your options way before moving. No matter if your child is a kindergartener or a high-school student.

Once you got all the needed information from the embassy, make sure to have all your documentation ready ahead of time. Have them months prior to moving if you can. It’s always better to have everything you need than having to wait past your departing date and having your plans ruined.

Final thoughts

No matter what country you chose to move to, always remember to visit their embassy in your country. That way you can get informed about what other documents you need besides the essential ones, what arrangements you will need to make before moving, and every other information you may need.

 Make sure you have every document with its translated version, if required, before starting the moving process. Remember to book your flight and have your tickets and all the important documents for traveling near you at all times. Visit Languex Translation they provide an inexpensive, fast, high-quality translation.

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