5 Tips for Cooking for Your Family While Vacationing

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One of the beauties of getting to travel is the fact that it’s far from being one-size-fits-all. While some families will go to hotels and go out to eat every night on vacation, other families will rent out an apartment or lodging and will just cook their meals from there.  Food during travels just makes it taste so much better, doesn’t it? 

Even if it’s just home cooked meals, it still tastes so much better. Maybe it has something to do with the variety of ingredients, or the fact that you’re making something new. Whatever the case may be, getting the chance to cook during your travels can be so rewarding. 

Regardless, there still seems to be this idea that cooking during travels is almost impossible when in fact it’s further from the case. Sure, it can be quite challenging to try and cook food in a hotel room, especially one without a kitchen. But taking that aspect out of the count, you can indeed cook and create some of the best food when traveling. So here are some tips for achieving just that.

It all comes down to accommodation

One thing you must think about while planning your trip is whether or not you want to cook. If you’re traveling with a family, such as three or more, then know that going out to eat can get pretty expensive.  That’s why a lot of families will instead opt into lodgings such as a cabin, house, or apartment.

These usually contain kitchens, and some will even go as far as having all the equipment you need.  So if you’re dreaming of making pork tenderloin with cranberry in slow cooker, this can indeed happen. But, you’re going to have to choose your accommodation quite wisely. 

Think about bringing some of your own equipment

If you and your family are going to travel by car or RV, then this can be very easy, but if you’re going by plane or bus it’s best to not count on this tip.  Some methods of traveling can make it easy to pack. When it comes to road trips, you can essentially pack anything you’d like and not have to worry about luggage weight or fees like you do at an airport.  One of the additional benefits is the fact that you can have your own kitchen gadgets as well.

So if you are going to camp in an RV or maybe even go on a vacation in an AirBnB for a week with the family, as long as you’re on the road with your own vehicle, you can essentially bring what you want. This can include

  • Slow cooker
  • Pans
  • Can opener
  • Grater
  • Tongs
  • Tea Steeper
  • Bottle opener
  • Air fryer

Basically, any of the tools that you tend to use at home can help.

Be okay with settling with a microwave

If you and your family can’t afford an expensive apartment or cabin for lodging, then it’s okay. Maybe that’s not you, or maybe even that’s not even offered where the family vacation is at. In cases like this, just know that there are options. Some standard hotels will have mini-refrigerators and microwaves. While you can’t do too much cooking, you can still achieve a bit of food prep and a nice meal with these two kitchen appliances.  Plus, you can upcycle your food waste when finished as well.

You don’t have to cook your meals

If you’re wanting to give your family a nice homemade meal, just know that these don’t have to always be cooked. Sometimes, just having one warm meal is more than enough and this could be something such as going out to eat or even taking out. But there are still options such as buying needed ingredients for sandwiches. But you can even provide fruit, yogurt, cereal, and some other tasty snacks like hummus.

Just don’t get stressed over providing a warm cooked meal because it’s not always necessary. Just go to the grocery store in the area you’re in and see what options they have that don’t need to be cooked. You can still have a delicious and nutritious meal, such as a salad, and not have to worry about anything getting cooked.

Simplicity is key

Overall, when you’re traveling, try to avoid making things complicated for yourself.  You’re on vacation, you’re traveling. Traveling is supposed to be a way to relax and unwind. So if the idea of cooking on vacation just stresses you out too much. Then you should know that it’s far from being a requirement. Just take things easy. Just make sandwiches for lunch or buy snacks here and there. Just enjoy your trip. 

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