How To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Winter Break

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When you have kids you sometimes feel as though you run out of fun ideas on things you can do collectively as a family. But fear not, if you are feeling a little uninspired, here are some great suggestions on what you can do to spend some much needed time with your kids when they have winter break this year.

Have Family Meal Time 

If you are not in the habit of having a sit down meal together for dinner then why not cook a lovely simple family favorite that everyone enjoys. This will get the family sitting down together at the dinner table which will enable you to have a good old chat as well as enjoy the food. Also when it’s not a school night you will be able to have more of a leisurely meal and not be preoccupied with getting them to stick to their evening schedule. 

Watch a Movie Together 

Everyone is bound to have a different taste regarding their favorite movie, but why not have a cozy night in with the kids and sit down with some popcorn, snacks and a film that you all agree on watching. It could either be a classic film that everyone loves or a new movie. With lots of streaming channels to choose from and also any dvds you may have, you shouldn’t be short of options. 

Play Board Games 

It’s fun to get together and play a board game and is a great way to encourage everyone to spend time together as a family. You could opt for games that use creativity, general knowledge, artistic skills or concentration. It’s also good for encouraging teamwork and communication skills, so it can also be a positive way for children to improve their everyday skills as well as spend time with you. 

Bake Some Goodies 

There is nothing more rewarding than making your own baked goods or treats. It is also slightly healthier for everyone as you will know exactly what ingredients will be going into the recipe. You could have a baking day with the kids and create lots of yummy recipes for everyone to enjoy. It’s also a fun way to spend time with your kids. 

Get Creative 

It’s good to encourage your kids to be creative, so from a young age you could do group activities such as painting, drawing and crafting. It will inspire your kids to be more creative and expand their skill sets. It will then be a nice tradition to be able to spend a few hours each week getting together and being creative. You could then make some nice wall art to hang in the home or create an ornament to put on display. The great thing is there is no age limit to being creative so it will work with both younger kids and older ones. 

Do Some DIY  

You might be wanting to get stuck into some DIY in the house and renovate one of your rooms. Get the kids involved as well as they may enjoy getting stuck in with painting and assembling furniture together. If they can have an opinion on the design and color of the room they may be more willing to get involved with helping. Also it is very useful to be able to learn how to do some DIY jobs at home so this will be beneficial to your kids as well as being enjoyable. 

Go Camping 

Spending a few days away from the hustle and bustle of city life can be quite refreshing. It allows your kids to be away from their cellphones for five minutes. You could go on a camping trip to a lovely scenic environment, and appreciate going back to basics with sleeping and eating arrangements. It will give your kids the opportunity to learn some useful skills on how to light a campfire and appreciate nature’s surroundings. 

Compete Against Each Other With Virtual Games 

There is a lot more variety now when it comes to drones, that you can even experience virtual reality games on them, such as with the DJI FPV model. You could compete against each other in a virtual race and see who comes out on top. It would be a fun way to spend time at home when perhaps the weather is not ideal to go outdoors and will certainly keep them occupied for a while. 

Create Your Own Book Club 

To encourage your kids to read from a young age and be inspired to pick up a book for pleasure, you could create your own book club at home. Each week you could sit down to discuss what you are reading and what you like the look of to read next. It will allow your kids to become interested in reading and help them to use their analytical skills as well. The more they see you read as an adult the more likely they are to become interested in reading which is a great skill to have. 

Dig Out The Old Family Photos 

A good bonding experience will be to get out the old family photos that are packed away in the attic and go through some family memories with your kids. They will get to learn about you when you were younger and also about any relatives that are no longer around. It will also be a novelty for them to see actual photos as they will be used to seeing images on a cellphone screen. You could then put together some photo albums with your kids which will be a nice activity to do together. 

Do a Road Trip 


You could get in your car or in a campervan and explore another area you haven’t been to for a few days. The adventure of the unknown can be quite exciting when you explore scenic places as it allows you to take your children to new places and keeps the journey more interesting when you don’t know exactly what will be next. 

Get Gardening 

If you have a garden you can spruce up the backyard by getting your kids involved. They could help you plant some nice new flowers and seasonal vegetables. Getting them to help you grow some veg could get them interested in gardening and being responsible for taking care of the plants. It will provide them with a sense of responsibility as well as keep them occupied for a bit maintaining the plants each day. 

Play a Sport Together 

If you want to encourage your kids to be more active and get outdoors then learning a new sport with them is a good way to achieve this. It will enable them to get outdoors and do some exercise which will certainly be beneficial to their health as well as learning a new sports skill. 

Overall you do not need to feel stressed if you are lacking ideas on what to do with your kids. Most of the time it is the simple ideas that will be the most effective and enjoyable. You don’t need to just focus on spending money on going on expensive vacations. The most important thing is that you are spending time with your children as you want to appreciate the time you have with them before they grow up and move out.

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