How to Create Your Perfect Kitchen Makeover

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The kitchen is one of the busiest places in a home and certainly one of the most functional. The kitchen is a room where the family can gather to chat about their day and enjoy a meal together, which is just as important as the room’s practical use. As the kitchen gets so much use each day, it is little wonder that it is subjected to lots of wear and tear. If your kitchen is starting to look a bit dated or tired, you may be keen to start making some changes and makeover your kitchen to get it looking back to its best. Starting a kitchen renovation can feel like a daunting prospect, and you may be wondering where to even begin. Read on to discover tips to help you get your kitchen looking great and without spending a fortune:

Set Your Budget

Setting a budget for your kitchen makeover is an excellent way to prevent the costs from escalating out of control. Kitchens are often one of the most expensive rooms to remodel due to the materials used and the need for plumbers and electricians to install appliances and fit sinks and faucets. So, it is essential to include additional costs such as paying for contractors’ labor and any finishing touch accessories you expect to add to your completed kitchen, too. If your kitchen remodel is set to be a big project, it is also helpful to plan a contingency fund. Your contingency fund will ensure that you have the cash available to cover the additional costs if your budget overruns. A contingency fund is usually around 10 percent of the original amount you have budgeted.

Make a Plan

Thinking about how you use your kitchen and where the main changes need to be made is an excellent way to ensure you use your budget wisely. While some people go for a complete kitchen remodel, if you want to prevent waste and ensure you do not overspend, you may choose to improve the kitchen with a partial remodel. A partial remodel involves focusing your attention on the areas of your kitchen you most dislike or are most in need of changing. So, if your appliances are in good working order, you may choose to incorporate these into your new design rather than buy new ones for the sake of it. Kitchen cabinets are another great area you can save money on in your renovation. If the structure of the cabinets is in good working order, you may decide to simply freshen up the outside with a coat of paint in a different color and by updating the door handles and drawer pulls.

Once you have decided what work needs to be carried out, you will have a much better idea of the scale of the project.

Choose Your Style

Your next step is to look around for inspiration. How do you want your refurbished kitchen to look? Are you planning a new kitchen with a luxurious look, or do you prefer a more rustic style? Thinking about exactly how you want your refurbished kitchen to look and the different elements you will need to introduce to make this happen is the best way to ensure the end result lives up to your expectations. You may find it helpful to browse through interior design magazines and to look at online interiors blogs to find inspiration for your new kitchen. This kind of research is not only fun but also a great way to assess which colors and styles work together. So, if you are undecided on quartz countertop colors, it is really helpful to see how other people have incorporated them into their kitchen designs.

Get to Work

Once you have completed all of your planning and have a clear idea of how you want the end result of your kitchen makeover to look, you will be ready to get started on putting your plans into action. If you need contractors to carry out any work on the project, you will likely need to get them scheduled first and then work around their timescales before moving onto other areas of the project. Don’t forget to order any materials you need in advance in case there are supply issues that could delay your progress.

Working through your project in stages and seeing it progress is a fantastic feeling. Once you have done all the hard work, you will simply need to add the finishing touches to complete your perfect makeover.


  1. Indeed, planning is the key for a successful kitchen makeover project. Thanks for sharing this useful post!

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