Locations Where Masks Can Benefit Us

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Even though mask mandates are being lifted, are there situations you may want to continue to wear a mask? In places like nail salons, we are exposed to toxins such as toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate also known to the CDC as the “toxic trio”. Too much exposure to chemicals like those could possibly cause extreme dizziness, breathing difficulties and even organ failure.

covid masks

Whilst many of us have never worn masks before, we’ve learned a lot since the COVID pandemic began. Focusing on health and wellness, especially when it comes to airborne threats, is always a good idea. Below are some other situations people may want to continue wearing masks in:

  • Hospitals, medical clinics, dentist’s offices or any other place where you could be exposed to viruses.
  • Public transportation (and hubs) including rideshares, buses, subways, planes and ferries.
  • Nursing homes and various other long term care facilities.
  • Places that use chemicals for everyday services such as nail salons, gas stations and more.

DemeTECH, a leading maker of surgical and N95 masks, has kept millions of Americans safe. This Miami-based company uses only the highest grade American-made material for their leading products, including their face mask and at-home COVID antigen tests.

DemeTech masks are:

  • NIOSH & FDA-approved with a 98% filtration efficiency for particles 0.1 microns in diameter.
  • Made 100% in the U.S.
  • Proven to be effective at protecting against COVID-19 & variants
  • More effective than cloth masks
  • Offer a full array of sizes, styles and colors
  • Now offering styles with ear loops for greater comfort

DemeTECH produces 1 million surgical and N95 masks for Americans each day, thus avoiding the supply chain issues plaguing so many and also providing for the entire family. They offer a full array of colors such as: blue, black, purple, yellow, green and pink.

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