Locations Where Masks Can Benefit Us

Even though mask mandates are being lifted, are there situations you may want to continue to wear a mask? In places like nail salons, we are exposed to toxins such as toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate also known to the CDC as the “toxic trio”. Too much exposure to chemicals like those could possibly cause extreme dizziness, breathing difficulties and even organ failure.

covid masks

Whilst many of us have never worn masks before, we’ve learned a lot since the COVID pandemic began. Focusing on health and wellness, especially when it comes to airborne threats, is always a good idea. Below are some other situations people may want to continue wearing masks in:

  • Hospitals, medical clinics, dentist’s offices or any other place where you could be exposed to viruses.
  • Public transportation (and hubs) including rideshares, buses, subways, planes and ferries.
  • Nursing homes and various other long term care facilities.
  • Places that use chemicals for everyday services such as nail salons, gas stations and more.

DemeTECH, a leading maker of surgical and N95 masks, has kept millions of Americans safe. This Miami-based company uses only the highest grade American-made material for their leading products, including their face mask and at-home COVID antigen tests.

DemeTech masks are:

  • NIOSH & FDA-approved with a 98% filtration efficiency for particles 0.1 microns in diameter.
  • Made 100% in the U.S.
  • Proven to be effective at protecting against COVID-19 & variants
  • More effective than cloth masks
  • Offer a full array of sizes, styles and colors
  • Now offering styles with ear loops for greater comfort

DemeTECH produces 1 million surgical and N95 masks for Americans each day, thus avoiding the supply chain issues plaguing so many and also providing for the entire family. They offer a full array of colors such as: blue, black, purple, yellow, green and pink.

Got Mask-ne? Check These Out #ClothMasks

If you are like us, you have tried a thousand masks out over this past pandemic-era. Not all masks are created equal, so here is a little round up of some of our favorites.

cloth masks

Ollie Belle’s new Phyto Anti-Acne Mask is made up of a proprietary fabric blend that has been proven to kill 99% of bacteria! Using multifunctional, antibacterial technology, Ollie Belle’s face mask includes a zirconium-silver compound, embedded in the fiber. These silver fragments work to release positive ions that attach to the negative ions in bacteria, ultimately preventing the growth of bacteria and blemishes.

But wait, there’s more. Check out these additional points on why you should recommend Ollie Belle to your audience of skincare lovers:

Odor fighting properties
    • Ability to fight viruses and airborne pathogens
    • Lightweight, breathable, soft fabric keeps the skin dry and free from synthetic fibers that cause acne
    • 99% UV protection
    • Quick-drying: 90% faster drying time than polyester & cotton
      ​What is Phytoncide? 
      ​Phytoncide is the main mascne protecting factor in Ollie Belle’s face mask. Phytoncide is a substance emitted by plants and trees (think of it as tea tree oil!) Phytoncides are naturally produced to help plants and trees to protect themselves from harmful insects and germs. In this case, it is being used to protect us against face bacteria caused by the wearing of face masks.

cloth masks

If you want reusable gloves in addition to masking, or are annoyed that you can’t properly use your fingers with gloves on- try these out-

 GHLUV is very innovative personal protection accessory  launched in late Spring 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.  GHLUV was featured in Forbes.com and CBS news as one of the most creative innovations that have been developed to fight the spread of Covid-19 and has proven to be a valuable gear to offer extra protection in everyday life with comfort and style.

Ghluv can be worn on the wrist and easily be pulled down on the hand to avoid direct contact with high-touch surfaces when opening doors, pushing buttons and shopping carts. It is treated with the Swiss antimicrobial technology  HeiQ V-Block NPJ03 to prevent most microbes from being spread upon contact and to minimize the potential transmission of bacteria from textiles.  Ghluv is reusable and can be washed up to 30 times maintaining 99.9% of its antimicrobial properties. This offers a more sustainable option compared to one-use latex gloves in everyday life.

The Ghluv collection features matching ear loop mask with the same antimicrobial treatment now also available in kids sizes.

Pretty interesting, yeah? We loved both these masks, they are lightweight and easy to breathe through, and don’t make you sweat to death while you are wearing them like some do. They also don’t ride up constantly, covering your eyes and driving you mad, or droop down and end up on your chin every time you speak.

All in all, I’d say both these brands are winners- perfect for stocking stuffers and little gifts for anyone you know that has being driven a little mask-crazy, haha. Listen, we may not love them, but they are required for many places and for the current “new normal” of things such as travelling and going to theater, etc. Make the best of it with masks you won’t hate. They also wash really easily and dry quickly- I’d only line dry, though, on a personal preference.