bblüv Püre – 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier Review

Clean Air is a Top Priority

Our most important and a immediate need is to breath and providing clean air free of allergens and other impurities is something we all want in our homes. No matter what our age this is important, but for a baby’s new lungs definitely consider bblüv Püre – 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier.

image of Püre – 3 in 1 HEPA Air PurifierThe ionizer in the Püre and HEPA+ filter work with activated carbon. The filter removes up to 99.7% of allergens and pollutants like bacteria, mites, mold, viruses, (hopefully not in the air but…) smoke. Even odors, pollen, and pet dander can be taken out of the air. My dog may be a non shedding breed but that doesn’t mean he is dander free or doesn’t carry in allergens from rubbing up against all kinds of nature on our walks. 

On a technical level the bblüv Püre 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier removes particles larger than 0.3 microns, which sounds really, really tiny. Go science! Even indoor allergens can trigger asthma year round not just tied to growing season. Mine are so much worse when the citrus trees go into bloom, but that doesn’t mean I am every fully allergy free. Reducing exposure is the first step, but not always possible if you want to step outside your door. You can however control the air in your home.

image of bbl. air filter on white backdropThe small size makes it easy to find a place for in your baby’s room or anywhere else in the house. The unit comes with one long lasting filter, the cord and the main unit. You will need your own wall plug. It just has the cord which ends in a USB so if you have an extra plug from a cell phone or other device laying around you can use that. If you don’t have an extra that you can dedicate to the filter you may need to buy one. Plugging and unplugging it can be a major pain. Also when it is plugged in the light on the power button can be pretty bright.

bblüv Püre 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier is a great option for a healthier environment for your family. The air we breath fuels our entire body and we can’t do much to improve what we are exposed to out in the world. Make your home a safer environment to breath in and know you are taking steps to protect and nurture your little one.

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6 Tips for Raising a Child that has Allergies

Taking care of your kids is sure to be top of your to-do
list each day. There are many medical issues that may arise over time, and
yous ideal to be aware of some of the top treatments you
can provide to decrease any discomfort your child may have.

Tip #1: Buy
hypoallergenic clothing

The things your child puts on each day to wear can have
either a positive or negative impact on allergies. Its ideal to clean your home thoroughly at least once a
week to get rid of excessive dust that is likely to accumulate. This is one of
the simpler things you can accomplish to help your child feel well with ease.

This can potentially reduce many of the unwanted symptoms of allergies and allow your kid to suffer more than necessary. Be sure to click here to find some of the highest-quality clothing that can help you child feel good every day.

Tip #2: Keep your home dust free

One of the ideal ways to help your children feel well when allergies are a part of life is by keeping your home free of dust. This will take a bit of extra effort on your part to accomplish but is well worth it to prevent your child from sneezing and feeling bad all the time.

It’s ideal to clean your home thoroughly at least once a week to get rid of excessive dust that is likely to accumulate. This is one of the simpler things you can accomplish to help your child feel well with ease.

Tip #3: Stock up on

The key to dealing with severe allergy attacks is by being
as prepared for these as you can be. Taking time to keep a stock of various
medications on hand is sure to helpful to you.

In fact, you should restock your shelves during asthma
awareness month
to allow you to never run out of things, such as epi pens,
nasal sprays and many others that can keep allergy symptoms at bay.

Tip #4: Be mindful of

Did you know that many of the foods your child eats can
worsen allergy symptoms? This is a fact, and you may even have a kid that is
allergic to peanut butter, peanuts or other food items.

You may want to avoid having certain foods in your pantry at
all that could trigger negative responses from your child if eaten. This is an
ideal way to avoid the temptation of eating these foods and may allow for
better results.

Tip #5: Encourage

You may have a child that just refuses to put on sunglasses
when playing outside, but doing so can be helpful in reducing allergies. Having
this protective item in place while outdoors can minimize the amount of pollen
or other things that can get in the eyes and contribute to problems.

Be sure to have a set of sunglasses for each of your
children to wear that has been diagnosed with allergies. This could be
extremely helpful and can decrease the amount of discomfort any kid may have
when living with this situation.

Tip #6: Work to have
cleaner air

There are various purifiers you can purchase that may help
keep the air in your home cleaner. This is an ideal situation for any
individual that suffers from allergies.

However, keep in mind it will take some time for this item
to work as it should. Even one of the top selling air purifiers can take at
least 15-20
to get the air in your home thoroughly clean.

Be sure to do all you can for the well-being of your child
when allergies are an issue. Being aware of what you can accomplish and working
to put these to use is sure to be the key for your kids to start feeling better
sooner rather than later.



Are You Cleaning Cluelessly? Win a Honeywell Air Purifier

Have you ever wondered if you could do more in your home cleaning routine?  Each home has different needs when it comes to maintenance. However, whether you’re a pet owner or the family chef, allergens and odors can be present in all homes. Having an air purifier in the home is one way to reduce those annoying allergens and smelly odors. So, which air purifier is best for your home?


The makers of Honeywell air purifiers invite you to take their ‘Are You Cleaning Cluelessly?’ quiz to find out which Honeywell air purifier you need to improve your home’s indoor air quality. By taking this short quiz, not only will you finally found out the ideal air purifier for your home but you will also be entered to become one of three grand prize winners.
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Nut Free Halloween Classroom Treats (for the not-so-crafty)

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We all know “that mom” who always has the perfect, handmade, beautiful treat in hand for every occasion.  She is usually perfectly put together, in this season’s latest, not a hair of of place.  I am not that mom.  I am not crafty, and I don’t have 4 hours to spend hand-dipping things into other things that I spent 4 hours “whipping up from scratch” – nor do I have the desire.  Sorry, not sorry.  So what’s a not-so-crafty mom to do?  Do we fail our kids, are we horrible moms?  Nope, we have our skills in other places.  And it’s all good, ladies- here’s some really cute, really easy Halloween treats to make that won’t break the bank OR make you late for your meeting, your deadline, or car line.  (Hey, we all have a boss in one form or another.)

10 12 14 halloweensnacks 015

It’s a Boo-tiful Thing

And it is!  Because it’s easy to make and not only nut free, but easy to make gluten free as well.  Boom.

Totally simple- ready?  Go to the store, and buy a mess of the tiny marshmallows- most are nut free, and many are gluten free as well. (Check the labels to make sure).  Hint- the average bag makes 3 ghosts in a sandwich sized bag, so buy accordingly (either smaller bag or as many marshmallows as you will need for your class). Get bags to the size you desire- we used sandwich bags, not ziplock- the kind that fold over so there were no other “colors” involved.  Last- get some festive fall ribbon.  We spent less then $10 on all of this.
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