Top 5 RV Stops From Indianapolis To Los Angeles


For ambitious travelers looking to make a long, multi-night RV trip that will take in many different parts of the country, a drive from Indianapolis to Los Angeles is the perfect route. Not only does this drive take in the legendary regions of the Midwest, the mountains and deserts of the west, and the subtropical splendor of southern California but it also offers many activities and places to stop along the way. If you’ve never taken this route before, then you should seriously consider it for your next RV rental journey. When mapping out your route, make sure to pencil in these five stops.

Kansas City

A true jewel of the Midwest, Kansas city is the perfect stop if you want to get a good feel for the region. Here you will find a sparkling, lively city full of great places to eat, shop, and sightsee. Downtown Kansas City is home to a number of restaurants, from high end establishments to down home American comfort food to top rated food trucks, to sample after some hard days on the road. You can also get in some shopping, as Kansas City is host to everything from name brand, high-end stores to funky boutiques. You will be surprised to find just how lively, scenic, and friendly this top Midwestern city is.

Kansas City is also a terrific base for exploring the terrain of the Midwest. Just outside city limits lies the many miles of flat farmland that have made the Midwest legendary. No matter which direction you travel in, you will have wide open skies, many miles of scenic farmlands, and a number of quant farm towns along the way. Anyone looking for a great taste of the Midwest should certainly consider Kansas City for their route.


As you continue on your RV rental journey, you will pass through the Midwest and into the rocky regions of the West. Anyone looking to plan the most scenic route will want to head through the gorgeous and unique state of Colorado. Colorado features stunning mountain ranges including The Rockies, vast meadows and forests, and many interesting and lively cities and towns. A great place to stop is in Denver where you will be treated to the best of both worlds. Firstly, Denver offers a ton of natural beauty with towering mountains visible from nearly all points of the city and wonderful hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and more just a short drive from the downtown area. Second, the city itself is a pretty, lively, modern place with a wide variety of nightlife, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment available on any given day or night.

Las Vegas

Located right in the heart of the deserts beyond the mountainous western regions you have the legendary glittering city of Las Vegas. Vegas is an absolute must for anyone on a trip from the Midwest to the coast, offering much more than the casinos, glittery entertainment, and nightlife it has been known for all these decades. But speaking of casinos and nightlife, you certainly have that here. There are dozens of casinos open 24 hours per day both on and off the Strip, not to mention an abundance of shows, clubs, dining, and other nightlife. Even just taking a drive down the Strip and witnessing the neon lights and crowds of people is well worth it. No matter which way you look at it, Las Vegas offers plenty of action.

One aspect of Vegas you may have never considered is the activities to be had just beyond city limits. In the desert lands beyond Vegas you have easy access to unbelievable hiking, mountain biking, rafting, and unique camping opportunities. You are also within driving distance of The Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and Joshua Treet National Park. 

San Diego

All you have to do is take a turn south in order to put you on the right path to the golden city of San Diego. Here you will find perfect weather year-round, sparkling stretches of coast, and a laid back modern city full of interesting eating, shopping, and nightlife. Many point out that San Diego may be the ultimate southern Californian town, featuring all of the elements that make this region unique and satisfying all rolled into one city. Any stay in the southern Californian regions would be incomplete without a stop here.

Los Angeles

LA is the perfect place to end your trip. The City of Angels offers a hip, sunny expanse of thriving neighborhoods, terrific eats, and a diverse cross section of cultures. The Pacific Ocean can be accessed and admired in the Venice and Santa Monica neighborhoods. With its blend of sunny bohemia, glittery Hollywood, and countless activities, LA is a great place to rest up and enjoy after your long journey. (You can stop at Vertoe Luggage Storage LA for luggage if you need any) 

Anyone taking an RV rental from the Indianapolis area to Lose Angeles is certainly in for one of the journeys of their lifetimes. Make sure to put these five stops on your list when planning your trip.