The future of the IPA – Firestone Walker unveils Hopnosis

Firestone Walker today released Hopnosis IPA—the culmination of the brewery’s 15-year quest to master the West Coast IPA style. Brewed with Mosaic Cryo Hops®, Hopnosis is a seamless, aromatic and explosively tropical IPA.
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“Hopnosis represents everything we’ve learned about hopping techniques over the years, all rolled into one beer,” said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “This is our ultimate new-school expression of the West Coast IPA.”
Hopnosis is now rolling out to all Firestone Walker markets in 6-pack and 12-pack (12-ounce) cans; 19.2-ounce cans; and on draft.
Cryo Hops® Magic
The Firestone Walker brewing team has developed an arsenal of favorite new-age hops for IPA—all of which are featured in Hopnosis. These include hops from New Zealand and the Pacific Northwest, with a focus on Mosaic Cryo Hops® as well as Idaho 7 and Nelson.
Cryo Hops® are made by collecting the concentrated lupulin from whole-leaf hops, which contains the pure resins for bitterness and aromatic oils. “Mosaic Cryo Hops® are the centerpiece of Hopnosis,” Brynildson said. “They provide intense hop aroma and flavor with incredible integration, enabling us to make a hop-forward beer that is low in bitterness, super smooth and delicious.”
Hopnosis is extravagantly double dry hopped, with nearly five pounds of hops used for every barrel brewed. The resulting beer is loaded with hop-derived flavors of mango, passionfruit, white grape and lychee. The ABV of Hopnosis is 6.7 percent, providing an excellent balance of flavor and texture.
West Coast Wonder
The origins of Hopnosis date back to Firestone Walker’s original West Coast IPA—Union Jack, which was introduced in 2007. Hopnosis also reflects concepts learned while developing the Luponic Distortion revolving IPA series and the Mind Haze family of IPAs. Finally, it draws inspiration from numerous brewing collaborations here and abroad.
These experiences have yielded a variety of hop integration techniques that Brynildson and his team brought to bear in creating Hopnosis.
“This is where the West Coast style is headed,” Brynildson said. “Aromatic hops and new hopping techniques are driving the future. On top of that, Cryo Hops® are opening up fresh possibilities. Now you can get all of the ‘oomph’ of hop saturation that you want from a West Coast IPA, but with less of that classic bitterness, more of these new-age hop flavors, and a whole new level of balance and drinkability.”

Raise a Glass to National Beer Day with Firestone Walker

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Firestone Walker and Brewmaster Matt Brynildson have curated a wide array beers that everyone can enjoy including:
  • Hopnosis: Launched last month, Hopnosis is an innovative IPA brewed with coveted Cryo Hops® pellets and an explosion of tropical fruit flavors.
  • Mind Haze: Juicy, fruity and creamy, with pronounced tropical tastes – this beer gives a true hazy-style mouthfeel that will keep you refreshed through your Beer Day festivities.
The Paso Robles-based brewery pays homage to the central coast of California with its easy drinking 805 Beer collection:
  • 805 Original: A light, refreshing ale originally created for the laid-back California lifestyle.
  • 805 Cerveza: Cerveza is a premium lager with a touch of lime. Crisp, clean, dry, and approachable – a beer anyone can enjoy.
Brewed in their R&D Propagator in Venice, CA, Firestone Walker Brewing Company is excited to announce the third rendition of their Wookey Jack IPA – only available for a limited time!
The beautifully decorated 16 oz can features Firestone Walker’s signature lion and bear logo amongst a hard-to-miss purple color scheme. Wookey Jack IPA was brewed with a mixture of pale and de-bittered black malts with spicy rye, citra and amarillo hops. This flavor combination provides a concentrated finish that will satisfy those who prefer a darker beer.
Firestone Walker
Firestone Walker Brewing Company also recently launched Hopnosis in all Firestone Walker markets. Hopnosis is a culmination of the brewery’s – and Brewmaster Matt Brynildson’s – 15-year quest to master the West Coast IPA style. Brewed with Mosaic Cryo Hops®, Hopnosis is a seamless, aromatic and explosively tropical IPA.
Check out Firestone Walker’s full line-up of beers here:  To find a Firestone Walker Beer near you visit their Beer Finder here.

Craft Beer Club – The Perfect Gift For Dad

One of the best gifts you can get someone is one that keeps on giving.  So the “Of the month” kind of gifts are often well received.  There are fruit of the month clubs, wine of the month clubs, and of course The Craft Beer of the month club  (which Daddy is thoroughly enjoying).

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The Craft Beer Club sends out 12 beers a month to enjoy, as well as a free bottle opener when you order 3 months of delivery and a free set of tasting glasses when you order 6 months.  The beers are all craft beers, which means they come from small breweries which take special care to make unique beers.  This months features where Saint Arnold Brewing Company and DL Geary Brewing Company, each which 2 varieties of beer- Geary’s Pale Ale and Geary’s Hampshire Special Ale from DL Geary, and Fancy Lawnmower and Santo from Saint Arnold.  Dl is from Portland Maine and Saint Arnold is from Houston Texas.  Each brewery is descried in detail on a News Sheet which also included facts about the brewery(s), the beers, and even some fun facts and recipes either to be made with the beers or to complement the flavors of the beer.
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