Cake Boss Cookwear and Mix Review and Giveaway


I was super excited when I got my package from Cake Boss to try out in my kitchen as I think baking is so much fun, especially as the weather turns colder and indoors becomes the hangout. My daughter and I will frequently bake on days when boredom creeps up and we are in the mood to do something fun and wholesome together. In fact, every Sunday, we do something special together and call it our “date”. This past Sunday, Cake Boss was part of our Sunday.

I tested out some bake-wear from the Cake Boss collection. I was sent a “Born To Bake” heart-shaped cake pan, “Devoted To Dessert” cupcake pan with snap on lid and a”Tiered Circle Cakelette Pan”. The Tiered Circle Cakelette Pan was by far my favorite and I was excited to give it a spin. We were also sent a Cake Boss Primo Yellow Cake Mix as well as Whole Lotta Chocolate frosting.
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