The New Southern Table by Brys Stephens


I was sent this book for the purposes of this review. Although I was sent this book for free, all opinions are my own.

I was absolutely intrigued by the book, The New Southern Table by Brys Stephens. Being that I am from the Northwest and have always lived in this region, I do not know much about southern food traditions. I have never let Okra touch my lips and only in the past few years have I gotten very adventurous at all with my pallet.

The New Southern Table looks at traditional southern ingredients such as peaches, okra, greens and “flips” them. They are made in not traditional ways in order to create a whole new desire for the staple ingredients in the southern part of the US.
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Great Homemade Soups: A Cook’s Collection By Paul Gayler

I was sent a copy of the book, “Great Homemade Soups: A Cook’s Collection” by Paul Gayler in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own. This notice is in accordance to the FTC’s requirements for compensation in online advertizing.


One of the things I most enjoy cooking is soups and sauces. It is amazing to me how something so simple can really be amazingly filling and so rich in flavor. I was very happy to review the book, Great Homemade Soups: A Cook’s Collection by Paul Gayler as I am always on the hunt for new ideas when it comes to soups making. My husband has been a great guinea pig over the years at my soup attempts.

When I attended culinary arts school, I excelled at soup making. It was amazingly easy for me and I was a bit surprised that I enjoyed the art of a saucier so much. I have a great respect for any chef that creates works of art through soup making and opened the book to find I was not disappointed.
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Couture Chocolate: A Masterclass in Chocolate

I received a copy of Couture Chocolate: A Masterclass in Chocolate by William Curley to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Chocolate: it’s one thing most people love in an almost sinful way. You can make cakes, cookies, bars, drinks, truffles and treats of all kind with it. The art of skillfully creating with chocolate takes a certain type of culinary talent, not one that I posses. However, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying a book on the subject.

Couture Chocolate: A Masterclass in Chocolate BY William Curley is absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring. The book contains recipes and techniques for tempering and creating some of the most decedent chocolate treats I have ever seen.

The Good:

Couture Chocolate is as beautiful as it gets. The photos are absolutely stunning and look like display pieces one would see in some sort of chocolate museum. They truly are works of art. William Curley is an amazingly talented chef and has truly mastered the technique of working with chocolate based on his creativity in this book. I enjoyed the little bit at the beginning about his experiences with working with chocolate as well as the many photos that show some of the most difficult chocolatier techniques to preform.
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Cake Boss Cookwear and Mix Review and Giveaway


I was super excited when I got my package from Cake Boss to try out in my kitchen as I think baking is so much fun, especially as the weather turns colder and indoors becomes the hangout. My daughter and I will frequently bake on days when boredom creeps up and we are in the mood to do something fun and wholesome together. In fact, every Sunday, we do something special together and call it our “date”. This past Sunday, Cake Boss was part of our Sunday.

I tested out some bake-wear from the Cake Boss collection. I was sent a “Born To Bake” heart-shaped cake pan, “Devoted To Dessert” cupcake pan with snap on lid and a”Tiered Circle Cakelette Pan”. The Tiered Circle Cakelette Pan was by far my favorite and I was excited to give it a spin. We were also sent a Cake Boss Primo Yellow Cake Mix as well as Whole Lotta Chocolate frosting.
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Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter

tidy cats lightweight cat litter


I am pretty picky about cat litter and I have tried all kinds. From the recycled newspaper type, to corn, to clay. I can honestly say none of it has made me very happy. I also have a child who is asthmatic, so any type that has dust is really not good around here.

One of the biggest things I dread about buying cat litter is lugging it around into my apartment. I live on the third story and there is only stairs.  This usually means I go buy litter and then drive around with it in my car for a few days, too lazy to lug it upstairs and not remembering to nag my husband to run down to the car to get it.

Tidy Cats cat litter has found a solution to my third story lugging problem. I was sent a container of their Lightweight Cat Litter to test out and see how well it did. I must say, it really is a lot lighter. The container was the same size as a 20 lb one, but weighed a mere 8.5 lbs. What a difference!
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Brilliant Sky Toys And Books

This post is sponsored by Brilliant Sky Toys & Books. I was sent a toy to review as compensation, however, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

 Oct 28 2013 057

With the busy holiday season on it’s way, Brilliant Sky Toys & Books might be the answer to your gift giving.  Brilliant Sky Toys & Books is a toy store with 15 locations that not only sells top of the line toys, books and games to delight youngsters, but also offers a concierge-type service that allows gift-givers the opportunity to buy a toy and have it gift wrapped for free.

You will know you are getting a great toy that will not only be fun to play with, but can enhance learning as well, because each toy is hand-picked by staff utilizing the exceptional standards of Brilliant Sky Toys & Books. Brilliant Sky Toys & Books features toys from Lego and Melissa & Doug as well as other top manufactures.
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Homemade Hazelnut Creamer


Coffee creamers can really kick your morning cup of Joe up a notch, but they also cost a lot. If you are hitting up the drive-through to get your fix, the cost can be even higher. Let’s say you go 5 days a week and pay $4-$5 each time. That means you are spending over $20 a month on just coffee, alone!

You can save a lot of money by making your own and it costs less than a couple dollars to do so. Along with the savings, you can also know what is going into the creamer, so you can enjoy it without added preservatives.

This coffee creamer lasts a couple days in the fridge, but is so simple to make, you won’t mind making it more often!

To make Hazelnut Coffee Creamer, you will need:

  • 2 cups of hazelnuts (you can buy these in bulk in most health food stores)
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Anytime is Thomas Time

HIT Entertainment has asked me to help promote the “Anytime is Thomas Time” sweepstakes. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of HIT Entertainment.

Want a perfect gift for that special child in your life?  Check out the latest from Thomas the Tank Engine!

Thomas the Train has been around for a long time. He has been delighting pre-schoolers and young kids on TV with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends since the late 70’s so many of use share what we enjoyed as children with our own. My son  thinks anytime is Thomas Time, and he really enjoys the Day Out With Thomas that comes through our local train station every year.

thomas the tank

Day Out With Thomas is a fun, family activity where kids can do interactive activities with their favorite tank engine and even meet Sir Toppum Hatt, who runs Thomas’ station. It’s amazing to see kid’s eyes light up when their favorite book and TV characters comes to life right in front of them. My son always has a blast.

Thomas The Tank Engine is a perfect way to let your little one enjoy wholesome,  educational entertainment that delights both boys and girls.

There are so many times when Thomas the Tank Engine can come into your child’s life. Anywhere from story-time to learning time and even nap time with his favorite Thomas the Tank Engine toys and games, so really, any time is Thomas time.
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