Fun Things to Bring on a Camping Trip

Once you have the tent and sleeping bags covered, you will want to turn your attention to other camping items that will help makes your trip a success.

Here are some of my current favorite take alongs.

 flashlight for kids

Kids Flashlights

One of the first things you will want to think about is lighting. When it gets dark, your kids will not likely be thrilled with that. Lanterns around the tent (and inside as you get ready for bed) as well as flashlights are going to be not only needed, but a huge comfort to your little campers.

 camping lantern

Camping Lanterns

Children will love the HABA Terra Kids Lantern, and so will mom and dad. Kids never remember to turn off lights (or toys) and this won’t be a problem with this lantern, since it requires no batteries and charges when the child winds up it’s attached crank. They can keep their light shining all night long (or at least until they fall asleep) with the HABA lantern. It also features very bight, easy to see by LED lights, a compass (perfect for little explorers) and a padded handle with neoprene cover, attachable karabiner, and alarm whistle for safety, and is extremely well built and sturdy.

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 camping with kids

For exploring and nighttime, Melissa and Doug have a kid-friendly flashlight that will make any child smile. The Bibi Bee Kid’s Flashlight will be an instant hit, and will chase away any fears of darkness. It has a cute handle just right for little hands, and a happy face that can scare away nighttime monsters. It takes AA batteries, which to access require you to press down a tab and also remove a small Phillips screw so that you can you unscrew the cap. These are preventatives to keep the child from opening the flashlight and removing the batteries.
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Camping with Kids – What to Bring

With summer winding down, and fall nipping at our heels, it’s the perfect time to look at great camping gear. My personal favorite times to camp are fall and spring- great weather, less crowds, and plenty of fun to be had. So what to pack? Here are some fun and easy ideas for a perfect family camping trip.


You can’t go camping without the perfect tent. For a small family, I love this Carbon River 3 Person Tent from Eddie Bauer. It fits 3 (including large adults) comfortably, with room to spare for gear and supplies. “55 inch height makes for more room when moving about the tent, and it comes with a full rain fly and two vestibules for lots of weather protection, but is still easy to get in and out of the openings.

Color-coded poles make this oversized tent easy to pitch and easy to see and put together even when it’s getting dark and you might be getting tired. Bright yellow stakes keep the tent planted in the ground and easy to see (no one needs to be tripping over stakes when you get out to use the bathroom or stubbing toes on them).

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 3 man tent

Sleeping bags would be the next necessity on a camping trip. For the taller camper, or one who desires extra room, check out the Snowline. An honest to goodness 3-season performer (this saving you money and room having to buy multiples), this bag comes in regular size or a long option. Goose Down insulation covered by a ripstop nylon shell, this mummy style bag is tough and will keep you warm on cool nights without overheating on warmer ones. It comes with it’s own stuff sack and storage bag, and is machine washable (although I hung it to dry, and think you will want to as well). Weighing in at only 3 pounds, it’s easy to take along for those sites you need to hike to, or the glamping trips you still want to be comfortable on.
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