Motorcycle Camping Gear Guide

Part of the glory of owning a motorcycle is the freedom that comes with it. When you’re on your bike, you feel unrestricted by time, responsibilities or location. Yet, at the end of the day, you still have to ride your bike home, pull it into your garage and get back to real life … or do you? 

If you’re two hours from home and decide that the sunset over the Grand Canyon deserves more than a passing glance, you should be able to pull up to a nearby campground and make camp for the night. If you’re riding across the Badlands and decide you want to see the area come to life in the early hours of the morning, it shouldn’t even be a question of whether or not you should pitch a tent and wait for dawn to approach. With the right motorcycle camping gear, you can cave to your whims and fully realize the freedom that motorcycles provide. That said, what gear is the “right” gear?

Lightweight Tent 

If you’re cruising with just yourself or one other person, you don’t need a roomy tent — in fact, you should forego the standard camping tent and instead invest in a one- or two-person backpacking tent. Backpacking tents are small and lightweight, yet they’re surprisingly durable and can holdup in extreme weather conditions. You’ll also save money on gas and space by electing to purchase a smaller shelter. Higher quality backpacking tents often weigh less than five pounds. 

TTLIFE Camping Cookware

If you’re like many aspiring vagabonds, you assume that the only utensils you can reasonably carry with you are a spoon, fork, knife and can opener, but you’d be wrong. The TTLIFE Camping Cookware kit is a 12-piece kit that contains one nonstick pot, one nonstick pan, one pot cover, two bowls, a stainless steel fork, a wooden spoon spatula, a soup spoon and more contains everything you need to cook gourmet meals when out in the wilderness — and it’s just 1.33 pounds. 

Lightweight Sleeping Mat

Like backpacking tents, there are several outdoorsman sleeping mats on the market today. Though they look flimsy, they’re far more comfortable than any sleeping bag and far easier to transport as well. If you put in the legwork, you can find one of these bad boys that weighs in at less than one pound. 

Military-Grade Multitool

You may have made all the best motorcycle mods before embarking on your adventures but that doesn’t make you immune to accidents or acts of nature. When a rainstorm rolls through and your bike gets stuck in the mud, you’re going to need a shovel to dig yourself out. If you want to cut firewood, you’ll need a saw. How will you start that fire? That’s where the fire starter comes in. 

Motorcycle Fairing 

If you plan on travelling a great distance, you want to do all that you can to keep fuel costs down. In addition to packing lightweight camping gear, you should also make a few modifications to your bike, one of which is adding a motorcycle fairing. OEM motorcycle fairings are designed to reduce air drag, which can help both with your travel time and your gas mileage. 

Once you buy a motorcycle, you need a go-to source for parts and supplies. Find everything from OEM to aftermarket parts and from camping gear to motorcycle helmets online

Another Tick in the Box: 7 Essential Pieces of Gear No Camper Should Be Without

Having the right pieces of gear during a camping escapade is always important. However, as a camper and a backpacker, it’s imperative to know what items to take with you and what items to leave behind so you can be sure you are carrying the right weight. Here is a list of seven essential pieces of gear you should always have.

  1. Powerful Lantern

You will not realize how dark it can get until you go camping in the wilderness. For that reason, a good lantern is instrumental as it will help to light your camping area at night. You can look for lanterns with replaceable batteries so you don’t have to worry about staying in the dark when the batteries die. On the other hand, rechargeable batteries are ideal but you will have to carry spare ones since there is no electricity in the wilderness.

  1. Walkie Talkies

There are chances that your mobile phone may lack service while camping. That is why it is advisable to carry a walkie talkie with you so you can remain connected to family and friends without worrying about the dead zones. These are especially instrumental if you are planning to travel with your children as they are an inexpensive way to remain in communication.

  1. Flashlight

A flashlight, just like the lantern, is essential when it comes to camping. These are imperative for safety reason and good for your sanity when camping in the wilderness because sharing a flashlight can be cumbersome. Choose a small and lightweight flashlight with an easy-to-operate switch. Your flashlight should also fit comfortably in a backpack and palm.

  1. Sleeping Bag

A camping blanket or a sleeping bag will ensure you remain warm when spending your night in the wilderness. You may decide to use a sleeping pad along with a sleeping bag but isn’t absolutely necessary especially if you are a person who does not mind sleeping anywhere.

  1.    Firestarter

You may not consider matches as official camping gear, but these are pretty important. You can carry a lighter or a box of matches with other camping material for ease of access. You can consider getting one of the best firestarters if you are planning to make a fire whether for cooking, sterilizing water, or protecting yourself from other elements in the wildlife.

  1. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit that has been amazingly stocked is an essential piece of gear which you may easily forget, but you need to know that anything can happen outside. Burns, scratches, and other injuries can occur when camping and serious emergencies are not an exception. Therefore, a first aid kit, like any other camping gear, is quite important.

  1. Maps

As much as you would prefer a GPS, it is to be safe and get a plan B when you are out camping. Although a bit old school, print out a paper map for use when hiking or camping. A map can help you get to your destination, find your way back your campsite, and show you the exit route.

Final Word

When you go camping, make sure you have the right equipment with you. Consider your location and the duration of your camping and get the right pieces of gear. However, do not miss any of the seven equipment highlighted in this guide.

Lets Go Exploring


Summer is the perfect time to head out and play for the kids. I have a few really fun ideas for ways to encourage the kids to explore nature, to engage in dramatic play, and to keep their skin protected while soaking up the summer sun!

In order to go exploring you have to get their safely first. Mifold is small, compact, and you can take it anywhere! Instead of lifting the child up it brings the seat belt down. Making it safe and comfortable for them to ride. Imagine the places you can go exploring without having to have a big bulky booster seat around.

Sunblocz is my favorite option for very water resistant sun protection for the entire family. This is a 100% all natural option that has SPF 50+ and is safe for the entire family. It has no artificial fragrances and is full of antioxidants for a great choice in sun protection this summer.

After applying sunblock, it is time to head out and explore. The Haba Terra Kids Binoculars is a really fun way to encourage kids to enjoy nature with no frills, apps, alerts or screens! These are durable and effective for young explorers with the power to magnify 4x. I love that these come with a bag and a handy strap to keep them close for all kinds of summer explorations!

After a day of adventure, it is time to fire up the grill. The new sprouts grill it set by Learning Resources is a fun way to serve up a helping of imaginative play for the youngest chefs! This set includes all of the ingredients they need for a dramatic play BBQ! I love that this set includes fine motor play with a tasty helping of fun. The set includes 22 durable pieces including a grill, serving tools, steak, cheese and veggies to name a few.

If you have a favorite option for summer play, I would love to hear about it in a comment to inspire our future play sessions!

Why Camping Should Be Your Next Romantic Getaway

So you’ve managed to snag a babysitter for the weekend and you and your significant other are suddenly faced with the rare opportunity to get away for a quiet adults-only weekend. You want to plan something romantic but it needs to fit your very large list of criteria – cost-effective, won’t take long to get there, can be done in a weekend, etc.

Maybe you and your spouse have done the spa trip before, done the bed and breakfast, and have even done the stay-cation. If that’s the case, it’s time to step out of the norm and look at a romantic getaway in a whole new light. It may be time to consider camping as the perfect solution for your romantic getaway, and here are the top reasons why.

A Private Adventure for Two

The whole point of a romantic getaway is to give the two of you a chance to enjoy alone time. It’s a time without interruptions from kids, work, and life in general. There is no better way to do that than by trekking out in the woods just the two of you. You’ll get to embark on an exciting and relaxing journey together, free of the outside stressors of daily life. Think about it, when’s the last time it was just the two of you with no-one else around?

Tents Are Perfect for Getting Cozy

Even if you plan on camping in the middle of summer, there’s a good chance it will still be chilly at night. What this means is that getting cozy and snuggling together to keep warm will be an absolute must. And think about it, what’s more romantic than lying under the stars, snuggled in a sleeping bag together, listening to the sounds of nature and wildlife all around you?

Bring Romance to the Campsite

In order to make sure your campsite is romantic there are a few tips and things you can bring along. Why not plan a romantic dinner for two on that first night at your site. You can pack a selection of olives, hard cheeses, cooked sausages, fancy crackers, and crusty bread. It can be a night of appetizers and wine. You can also pack a few different lanterns to create that soft romantic glow of a candlelit dinner.

Speaking of gear, bringing the right items will not only ensure that the trip stays romantic but that it’s also comfortable and safe. You can shop at for key items before you leave.

A Chance to Enjoy Talking with Each Other

Let’s face it, nowadays most of us are pretty attached to our smartphones. Having an actual conversation with one another is probably not as common and often as you may think. When you’re camping there is no mobile device to resort to, it’s just each other. This is the opportunity to catch up with each other and just enjoy being a couple.

A Romantic Getaway That’s Outside the Norm

Camping is truly that romantic getaway that is outside the norm but could quickly and easily become your new romantic getaway of choice.

Going Camping? Check these out.

If you are headed out into the great outdoors anytime soon, you might want to check out some of these items. Not just for camping, but having other outdoor uses as well, you will find they make your camp experience that much more comfortable.

The new Quik Shade canopies recently launched SOLO Steel. This series of six portable, instant shade canopies makes setting up a breeze. They are lightweight and easy to carry, can be set up by one person, are pinch free and allow you to adjust it’s height as needed as the sun moves or if the ground is uneven- this is a real boon and very helpful. It has 99% UV sun protection built in, so it keeps away harmful rays, as well. Easy to set up AND put away (yes, really), it goes easily back into it’s carry rolling bag for easy storage. It is durable and built to last, with Rip-Stop polyester camping tent fabric that has water-resistant coating and features the Aluminex™ back lining to help you and your stuff stay dry.

The SOLO Steel canopies has a ton of options depending on your needs. Sizes range from  50 square feet of shade to 170 square feet, and comes in 5 color choices.  From $119.99 to $249.99 at

One of my favorite camping finds has to have been a Kickstarter campaign. The GoGo Lantern is a very cool option for camping, and for several reasons. It’s solar powered, which means you can charge it all day long and use it for longer periods of time without having to run off and use batteries after batteries or propane etc- and the charge lasts a long time, as well. It is fully charged after roughly 8 hours of solar charge, or you can charge via USB for about 3 hours. It’s waterproof- not merely water resistant. You can actually submerge it, and it’s still both fully functional and keeps working. It’s very light and thus extremely portable. The GoGo Lantern is extraordinarily bright, much more then most I have used. It folds up into itself/collapses, which makes it easy to store and put away while not in use (or for charging). It also is magnetized, and will stick should you want it to. That’s also a pretty neat option, and one I’ve not personally seen before.

The GoGo Lantern is “the world’s first bucket which integrated LED & solar cell in one”, according to it’s  website. You can get yours for $39 and up at

If you are headed out into the water, you might want to bring along some dry bags. Seal Line has different sizes and colors available, and they definitely keep your stuff dry, even if the bag ends up in the water. These are space saving as well, the rectangular shape packing and saving %20 more space then rounder bags. They pack together closer as well, leaving less space in between. This saves space. They have strong, welded seams which are 50% stronger then sewn seams, to keep water out and your items dry.

Featuring an efficient-packing, patent-pending rectangular shape and strong fully welded seam construction, Blocker waterproof dry sacks are the easiest way to organize and protect clothing and gear in your pack, luggage, or on a boat. PVC free, yet tough, they are more environmentally friendly then other types of vinyls and nylons but still tough and durable. They are easy to organize by color and size, and are available starting at $15 and up at

To dry off, you might want to grab a few pack towels. They dry quickly, are uber soft, and are fantastic for all sorts of travel. My favorite is the “nano”, which is tiny yet mighty. I love how useful it is- and how handy. Quick drying, slim, and absorbing twice its weight in water, you can toss it in your pocket, clip it to your waistband or backpack (or whatever you’d like, Carabiner clip and mesh storage pouch included), or wear it as a headband. Or more, just some ideas. Wipe off ski goggles, your Go Pro, your face- whatever- and keep moving. You’ve got stuff to do. Then wring it out, and it’s nearly dry. It really does dry super quickly.  The nano is $10, other sizes and sizes available for $10 and up. These are more useful then you might think at first glance- give them a go, you won’t be sorry.

On the go, and way out there? Check out the GravityWorks 4.0L Water Filter System from Platypus. It’s perfect for basecamps, and has the high-capacity, pump-free filtration that is both easy and useful. It can deliver 4 liters of filtered water in under 3 minutes with no pumping, which we all know is a real pain in the end. This is the fastest and simplest way to get your water filtered while you are way out there. Just dip it into water, fill it, hang, and wait. The filter can be cleaned easily in the field as well, for continues use. This system meets all EPA & NSF guidelines for the removal of 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa, so it is effective and will help keep the ew out of your drinking water. This is a great size for your average family, a medium size group of friends, or a basecamp. The system as an 8-liter total capacity,which is enough filtered water for drinking,  cooking, and cleaning up any dishes.  Get yours at for $120.


“Rise from the Ashes” with Smokey the Bear #SmokeyBearHug #OnlyYou @smokey_bear

smokey the bear

If you are one to keep up with national news, you have no doubt seen the chaos and devastation that the wildfires are causing across 7 different states. Thousands of acres burned, families who have lost their homes, and even people who have lost their lives. We have all heard the message of Smokey Bear – he has been telling us to prevent fires for 72 years now. His message is just as important now as it was back in 1944.

Smokey Bear’s message about wildfire prevention is the center of the longest running and one of the most successful PSA campaigns in our nation’s history. Although progress has been made, accidental, human-caused wildfires remain one of the most critical environmental issues affecting the U.S. the Soberanes fire, in California, is a perfect example. This fire was caused by an abandoned campfire. By someone being careless and not thinking about the consequences.


We have to take preventative action, always! And while we all know that matches, burning cigarettes, and abandoned campfires are all potential threats for wildfire – there are MANY lesser known causes. Ones that you might be participating in and not even realize it.

Did you know? A wildfire can start due to the following:

  • Improperly extinguished fire pit
  • Dumping ashes from a BBQ/grill
  • Metal chains hanging from a moving vehicle
  • Parking over tall, dry grass
  • Dying embers left in a campfire
  • Oil from a lantern

Note: To Avoid Such Issues You May Make a Best Fire Pit that will help in various ways while traveling.

Coinciding with Smokey Bear’s 72nd birthday, the Ad Council, the U.S. Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters (NASF), have launched a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) created to help prevent wildfires nationwide by increasing awareness about less commonly known fire starts.

forest fire

Although most of us don’t behave this way intentionally, each year we learn of devastating wildfires caused by careless behavior which can impact millions of acres of forest and thousands of homes. Although four out of five wildfires are started by people, nature is usually more than happy to help fan the flames.

  • In 2014 there were 7,933 wildfires caused by lightning, but 55,679 wildfires caused by human error (as reported to the National Interagency Fire Center).
  • In 2015 58,916 human-caused wildfires burned over 2 million acres.

Nature, the forest, our parks and trails – these are all an immensely important part of our lives. We need to take the pledge to be smart when we go outdoors. To do everything we can to preserve our beautiful forests. Will you join me in taking the pledge? I for one want to see these incredible lands preserved for my children and for their children.

Top Tips To Get Your Children Excited About Your Camping Trip


Planning a camping trip can be lots of fun, especially if you’re taking your children with you. It’s an activity that’s filled with adventure and exploration and can ultimately bring you closer together. If your kids have never experienced camping before, you may feel even more under pressure to make this a holiday to remember. There is no need to feel stressed as there are countless ways you can keep your kids entertained and get them excited about the prospect of camping. Use these tips during your planning to ensure you create fun filled and successful trip that you can all enjoy.

Get the involved in the planning

Your children can give you a great deal of help when you’re planning your camping holiday. You can show them websites and pamphlets that advertise tourist attractions and places that might be of interest to them. It could be a kid’s outdoor playground or a family friendly history trail. Compile some potential activities that are nearby to your campsite and share your findings with them. You can talk through which ones you think might be suitable and get their feedback. Be positive when you speak about each activity to grab their attention.

Make them a Camping kit

Just before you head out on your trip present your child with their own individual camping kit. This could contain a blanket, walking boots, a map, a torch and a whistle. Educational books about wildlife would also be a great item to include. This will get them in the mood for an adventure and will be an excellent treat before their vacation. Make this gift to your child personal to them by choosing camping items in their favorite color or cartoon character. You could also include board games and coloring books to keep them entertained if it’s raining outside. Take this opportunity to lay down some rules about camping safety and explain what behavior you expect from them when you arrive at the site.

Do a dummy run

Nothing will get them more excited about their camping trip than a dummy run in their own back yard. It will be beneficial to your children to have some experience in a tent before you get to your campsite, even if it is only for a few hours. They might be nervous about camping for the first time so doing this will put all of their concerns to rest. Reassure them that the tent is perfectly safe and the noises they hear are just friendly animals and insects. You can teach them how to put up the tent properly and even practise cooking outdoors if you like. This activity will also be great during your planning as it may highlight essential items you need to buy or replace before you leave.

These top tips will make sure you and your kids are fully prepared and excited about your camping holiday. Spend lots of time having fun and getting involved in a whole host of outdoor activities. Having a stress-free experience will make camping your top choice in accommodation for the future.


Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own and honest.

How do you bring the fun of a camp out, when you are stuck inside?  It’s going to be a long, cold winter.  Want a big bright sky full of stars into your bed room, living room, playroom?  Or how about just bringing the fun of sleeping outside inside?  With the new 2-in-1 LED Starlight lantern.  This fun lantern combines two great ideas into one fun product.  Authentic-feel-camping, here you come.

pic5First of all, the Starlight Lantern is a Star Projector.  This means it projects stars on ceilings and walls to give you a feeling of laying under a star filled sky at night.  This is, of course, minus the bugs and sleeping on the ground.  To add to it’s usefulness, the lantern doubles as a lantern with the flip of a switch.  Now it is a 4 LED lantern that will easily illuminate your way, be it on the way to the bathroom in the woods or just to your sleeping bag in the living room.
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