What to Do and See on a Trip to Frankfurt

Frankfurt offers one of the largest airports in the world and for many within and outside of Europe is a gateway to the Germany and the continent. The city itself is also the financial capital of Germany and is a mainstay of business. However, fortunately, there are plenty of far more exciting and fun things to do in this Germanic metropolis. So, what should you make sure to see on a trip to this wonderful city?

The Römerberg

The Römerberg

The ‘Roman Mountain’ as the translation would have it is the picture of old Germany and is positioned at the heart of the old town. The area has the half-timbered houses you’d imagine when thinking of Germany of old and has been holding the town’s fairs since the 13th century. The town hall still resides here today after over 600 years and there’s quite a twee but unique feel around The Römerberg and it’s a must see on a visit.

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The Goethe House

The most significant and also well-known German writer is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and as you may have guessed he was born in Frankfurt. Goethe wrote the renowned book Faust, a tale of a man who makes a pact with evil for his own gain. Goethe’s home was destroyed in World War II however, the German people have complete restored it brick for brick and painting for painting and though burned to the ground in the 1940s, it’s now exactly as it has been for almost 300 years.
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