Travel The German Fairy Tale Route

To celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the Brothers Grimm, Germany is throwing a year long, country wide festival to honor and pay homage to the famous siblings.  The Fairy Tale Route is 373 miles long and stretches from Hanau ( a city near Frankfurt) to Bremen, and follows the Grimm brothers’ lives as well as the tales they wrote and adapted. Some towns are more closely connected to the lives of the brothers and their family, while others are the bases for the stories they penned.

 grimm brothers

The Grimm Brothers are some of the most famous and influential people in not only German, but also European culture and history. They recorded legends, folk tales, and lore, some of which had been in existence for generations, not only in the German culture but adapted from others as well.

 german fairy tale route

We began our time on the Fairy Tale Route in Steinau, a lovely, quaint town that looked as if it were out of one of the storybooks itself. It was in this town that the brothers spent their childhood, living with their parents and siblings in a picturesque, half timbered estate. Located about an hour from Frankfurt, you can visit the home that they lived in, which is now a museum. See china that the family ate on, portraits and drawings by brother and artist Ludwig Emil, and more. Upstairs, there are displays on the many stories penned by the brothers, and rooms for children to play and interact in.

 brothers grimm house

Steinau also has a puppet theater, with live performances daily. Puppets from all over the world, as well as posters and other paraphernalia describing and detailing the history of puppets and their variety are on display. The puppet theater itself is a great attraction for kids and families.

 brothers grimm

We then went onto Kassel, the center of the celebration, and where the brothers lived and worked for the longest amount of time. The high points and not-to-be-missed of the personal and professional lives of the brothers will be highlighted in Hesse. The Expedition Grimm, housed in the Documenta-Halle, takes you inside the the lives and minds of the Brothers Grimm on this hands on and interactive display. Beginning with the “life and work” of the brothers (set up to be historically accurate) it will take you through to present day with the “work and influence” of the famous duo. Other highlights are a 3D virtual visit to the apartment of the siblings, a Bremen Musicians stacking animal set, and a “living book” that brings use of technology into the fairy tales, bringing them to life as you turn the pages.
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What to Do and See on a Trip to Frankfurt

Frankfurt offers one of the largest airports in the world and for many within and outside of Europe is a gateway to the Germany and the continent. The city itself is also the financial capital of Germany and is a mainstay of business. However, fortunately, there are plenty of far more exciting and fun things to do in this Germanic metropolis. So, what should you make sure to see on a trip to this wonderful city?

The Römerberg

The Römerberg

The ‘Roman Mountain’ as the translation would have it is the picture of old Germany and is positioned at the heart of the old town. The area has the half-timbered houses you’d imagine when thinking of Germany of old and has been holding the town’s fairs since the 13th century. The town hall still resides here today after over 600 years and there’s quite a twee but unique feel around The Römerberg and it’s a must see on a visit.

frankfurt 081

The Goethe House

The most significant and also well-known German writer is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and as you may have guessed he was born in Frankfurt. Goethe wrote the renowned book Faust, a tale of a man who makes a pact with evil for his own gain. Goethe’s home was destroyed in World War II however, the German people have complete restored it brick for brick and painting for painting and though burned to the ground in the 1940s, it’s now exactly as it has been for almost 300 years.
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