Pikmin 3 Video Game

The Nintendo Wii U has been getting some attention recently with the recent release of its competitors new additions to the market the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox One.  With such fierce competition Nintendo has to pull out the stops and release some stellar games for the Wii U.  One such game is Pikmin 3.  This game follows a space traveling group as they try to collect fruit to help their people and eh missing components of their space ship to actually get home.  Along the way they meet some friends and some foes.


Pikmin are small plant based creatures who are incredibly loyal and incredibly useful on an alien world inhabited by a diverse and dangerous amount of bigger creatures, all of which seem to be hungry for Pikmin and space captains.  In order to overcome these adversaries team work is needed.  Their are various types of Pikmin which are each specialized in what they do best.  An example is grey rock Pikmin are tough and fight well but are not easy to throw to reach far away spots, while yellow electric Pikmin are great and conducting electricity and being thrown about but are not the best of fighters.  These are just two of the seven types of Pikmin.  Each a  cute little creature sporting either a leaf, bud or flower on their heads.
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SuperTooth HD


SuperTooth HD is a wonderful device for those who drive and would still like to receive phone calls while still being safe.

It is a Bluetooth hands free speaker phone which connects to any phone with Bluetooth capabilities.  The phones supported range from top of the line smart phones to those not so smart phones, like mine.  The system works by connecting to your phone and delivering crisp clear call quality over a device that is about the size of a T V remote, 125 mm by 59 mm.  This little device carries two speakers to deliver loud clear sound that you’ll be amazed is coming from such a small unit.  It also has two microphones and two noise cancelers, all of which prove two is better then one.  Making for a speaker phone which will make you wonder how you got on without it.  It takes me approximately an hour every day to get to work then another hour to get home.  During this time it is a time to catch up with my wife and son and the SuperTooth makes this all the easier by minimizing the, “What?”, “I can’t hear you, hold on”, etc which will lead to less time spent distracted from the task at hand, driving.
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Jade & Jasper Jewelry

Don’t get me wrong. I love summer, but I am always excited at the prospect of fall and winter for the opportunity to switch things up a bit with my wardrobe. This year is no exception, and Jade & Jasper is offering women the chance to shine by offering gorgeous jewelry that pairs perfectly with this seasons fashion trends. No matter what style you prefer you can find the perfect piece to compliment your look from Jade & Jasper.

jade and jasper
Vintage Jewelry is hot right now. Pop culture has embraced pearls and beading thanks films such as The Great Gatsby which brought the jazz age to the spotlight again. The Estelle Bib Necklace from the European Vintage Collection will add an old Hollywood kind of glamor while making other women envious of your style. The Estelle Bib Necklace makes a statement with dorado pearls and faceted jet glass beads. Pair this necklace with patent leather or a shimmering metallic fabric for a look that will turn heads.
jade and jasper
The Love Awakened Necklace from the Dark Romance Collection compliments the Military Chic and Punk Grunge Glamour trends. This necklace is beautiful in its simplicity. It is a Hematite and gold plated pendant necklace with crystal and grey Mother of Pearl strung on black glass beads. It would look stunning with Army Green, camouflage or leather. The Love Awakened Necklace isn’t flashy but it definitively adds a rock-star feel to your look.

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Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

pic10“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a thank me for my participation.”


The holidays bring a plethora of different people into your home, some of which are very specific about their hot beverages.  From tea, to lattes, and espressos, how exactly would a gracious house guest accommodate their guests without buying hundreds of dollars worth of machines and a kitchen full of counter space?  NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto is the only machine that truly delivers delicious, coffee house quality creations every time with patented smart capsule technology delivering up to 15 bars of professional pressure and espresso technology.


This new coffee machine is easy to use and serves delicious hot beverages, notice not just coffee.  The beverages available are: Cappuccino Ice, Cappuccino, Carmel Latte Macchiato, Americano, Skinny Cappuccino, Nestea Peach Iced Tea, Skinny Latte, Latte Macchiato, Chococino, Mocha, Chai Tea Latte, Espresso, Caffe Lungo, Caffe Lungo Decaf, Dark Roast, Morning Blend, and Espresso Intenso.

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Joseph Nogucci Jewelry


Every mama loves a little something special in her holiday gifts and who wouldn’t love receiving a Joseph Nogucci Iris bracelet for the holidays or anytime?  These are so pretty, and easy to bring into any outfit.

iris bracelet

I received a beautiful pre-made IRIS bracelet in blues and silver, but when you order online, you can actually customize your bracelet. First you select a starter band which comes in sterling silver and leather. Next, you select from over 40 colorful Murano inspired glass beads in beautiful blues, reds, greens and mixed colors. Then, you can add to and separate the glass beads with a huge variety of silver and rhodium charms.

If you don’t design your own or want to send a complete package as a gift, you can also order a complete Iris bracelets like the one I received. I was perfectly happy with the colors selected for me and I liked the surprise aspect about the end product.
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Hot Toys for Christmas


Disclosure- I have received the below in order to review.  All opinions are my own and honest.  Please feel free to see the “I Disclose” tab for more info.

Getting ready for Christmas? It can be hard to wade through all the noise to find the best Christmas items.  Now that “Black Friday” is over, we can focus on what’s fantastic for the season vs how much can be saved at 3am.  A few of my current favorites are;

North Pole Communicator Microphone- This is super cute and fun for kids, and lets them “talk” with Santa every night before bedtime. Beginning  December 1, get the family together daily and dial up the North Pole to have “real” back-and-forth conversations with the “big man”, elves, and more.  The communicator is quite a lot of fun, will amuse adults as well, really psychs kids up and gets them excited, and and is a great way to get the family involved in a nightly activity.

talk to santa

Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments are a tradition for many, and giving a treasured ornament (or building a collection for your children) is something that so many people enjoy doing.   Keepsake Ornaments has a variety of ornaments that commemorate milestones and nurture memories, as well as scenes from your favorites movies, TV shows, or cartoon characters. Our favorite this year is “Lions and Tigers and Bears”, a Wizard of Oz ornament that moves and talks.  All the characters move and speak lines from this scene in the movie.  There is an amazing variety of Keepsake Ornaments, so finding the perfect gift for your child or loved one is easy.

The new interactive storybook “Santa and the Christmas Eve Flight” is adorable and will make bonding over reading with you kids fun for both of you.  Santa responds with questions or choices as you read key words and phrases. how your child answers will shape this story, which can change each time you read it.  There are more then 30 responses from Santa, which makes the possibilities for the storyline pretty diverse.
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Cardstore Holiday Cards

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Cardstore. I received complimentary cards and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

12 08 13 002

Its holiday card time!  What is one game that is fun to play and also relatively easy?  Why it’s the Emmy’s of Christmas cards.

What pray tell are the Emmy’s of Christmas cards, also known as the pointsies? Well, it is a special award where you and your friends figure out which cards are the best in a few key categories.

And they are:

Cutest- cutest kid/puppy/etc.

Mushiest – this is that special card that brings a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.  Either a well written card or even a little hand written note tucked into a blank card.

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Elf Magic- Fun Holiday Traditions

My son loves his Elf Magic Elf, Burke.  Burke was hard to get back to Santa last year, and my little dude was NOT a happy camper.  He made an early return this year, with my son finding him inside of his Trick or Treat pumpkin.

Burke, like us, likes to travel. When we sent our letter to Santa last year, we let him know how much we move around, and asked him to send an elf that would like to see the world as well.  We can’t have an elf that gets car-sick or won’t get on an airplane now, can we?  LOL.  Burke, luckily, is a hardy elf, and enjoys all the new places and spaces we tote him to.

activision thru philly 11 26 216

With Burke in Philly

Last year he joined us for many trips and daily outings, even really exciting things like the supermarket.  I know.  Mind. Blown. Try to contain yourself.  You are a grown up, act like it.

3 by tree

My son was so taken with his Elf Magic elf that he even took him to our Christmas photo session last year.  Yes, that’s us, and Burke.  I’m not telling my then-5-year-old that the elf isn’t part of the family, that’s just mean.
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