6 Stunning Spots in Jamaica Every Traveler Should See

The shores of Jamaica attract millions of visitors every year. With plenty of budget holidays and low cost accommodation, there’s never been a better time for a Caribbean holiday. If you’re planning to explore this tropical island, be sure to visit some of these jaw-dropping natural wonders.


Mystic Mountain

The famed Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios is home to one of the most popular, most exhilarating attractions in Jamaica. Starting your adventure into the heart of this rainforest, walking routes or a chairlift will take to you to the summit of the 700 foot mountain. Admire the spectacular ocean views before hopping aboard a bobsled. Set on a 1,000 meter metal track, you’ll whizz down the mountain and take in the vibrant eco system along the way.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

No trip to Jamaica would be complete without sampling one of its beaches. Doctor’s Cove in Montego Bay is one of the best — a sweeping strip of palm fringed white sands. It’s long been attracting visitors from around the world with many believing the crystal waters have rejuvenating and curative properties. Even the cynics can agree, this is one of the most relaxing spots on the island.

Martha Brae River

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Jamaica’s rural landscape with a guided tour down the Martha Brae River. Locals lead the expedition aboard a bamboo raft which offers an authentic insight into the region. Expect beautiful fauna and flora and make sure you bring a swimsuit. There are lots of chances to cool down with a swim and escape the midday heat.

Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

Covering an expanse of 200,000 acres, this national park is a nature lover’s paradise. The preserve is home to more than 800 endemic plant species and over 200 species of tropical birds. Hike deep into the rainforest and you can marvel at towering waterfalls and jaw dropping scenery. The adventurous can also climb to the summit of Jamaica’s highest point, Blue Mountain Peak.


Dunn’s River Falls

One of the island’s national treasures, this collection of cascading waterfalls is Jamaica’s top-grossing attraction. Visitors can amble across the gentle tiers of limestone or take a refreshing dip in one of the plunge pools. Arrive early and you’ll avoid the crowds of tourists for a secluded experience.

Black River

Spanning over 50km, Black River is one of the longest rivers in Jamaica. Its murky depths are home to a huge array of fish species and crocodiles. It may not be safe for swimming but visitors can take a guided boat tour and learn more about the diverse ecology. Along the way, you’ll spot herons, snowy egrets and many other beautiful bird species.

Take some time to visit some of these must-see attractions on your next Jamaica holiday and you’ll be guaranteed an unforgettable experience. It’s just one of the world’s most fantastic islands you can visit.

Jewel Runaway Bay Resort in Jamaica

Jewel Runaway Bay is an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica that will give you everything that you need for a personal getaway. It doesn’t matter if you just want to lounge about or play some golf, there is something for you.  It’s also a great place for couples to say “I Do” on the beaches in Jamaica- quite lovely.


There is always something for you to do at Jewel Runaway Bay, because this Jamaican resort has it all. They are a beachfront resort that has three different pool areas and an-on site spa. There are also Jewel exclusives that you will not be able to experience anywhere else.


If food ranks highly on your list when you are visiting somewhere new, there are five restaurants where you can discover delicious food. There is a style of restaurant for everyone from a laid back atmosphere serving jerk chicken beachside to more gourmet dining experiences- try them all, and eat often at your favorites.

Check out their activitites schedule – there is sure to be something that you will enjoy on your stay.  It’s a great place to bring the whole family, there is quite a lot to do.


The full-service spa has four treatment rooms; one for wet treatments, and services that range from facials to full body massages. Relaxation is top priority- you are on vacation after all.  If you love golf, Jewel Resorts has everything that a golfer will need for the Jamaican Golf Vacation of their dreams. Runaway Bay Golf Club is next door and has 18-holes on a PGA-quality course. Even if you aren’t Tiger Woods, you will still feel at home on this golf course. Guests who stay at Jewel Resorts will enjoy complimentary green fees.


There are all sorts of areas to relax including the garden, the beaches, or go inland to see the attractions that include Dunn’s River Falls, Dolphin Cove, Mystic Mountain, Nine Mile, and Appleton Rum Estate. After you have tons of fun in the Jamaican sun, head back to your room that is full of all the comforts and amenities that you could imagine. The beds are plush and will make it so that you get a great nights sleep so that you can get up and enjoy everything that much more the next day.


And there is now NEW WATER PARK FUN! Families and kids can enjoy a whole day of fun at Jewel Lagoon Water Park that is now open. This park is a day long adventure with over 10 attractions that will satisfy toddlers to teens. There is even a family raft ride.


You can rent a private cabana or there is a 5,000 square foot oceanfront deck. Also enjoy the two splash-down pools, kids gang slide, the lazy river, speed slide and the family raft ride. There are multiple levels of the kid slides and of course a splash zone. After you have enjoyed the sun and water fun make sure to check out the dining area and the stage that has daily live music. It is a fun time for the whole family and definitely needs to be scheduled for your trip to Jewel Runaway Bay.

Making the Most of Your Jamaican Vacation with Club Mobay

The worst part of traveling is always the airport.  Always.  They suck the joy out of travel. Getting there is one thing- you are amphed up, excited, you have time off of work, escaping “real life” and about to enjoy the vacation you have been obsessing about, so the annoyances of the airport can be thought a little less painful and a little more of a “necessary evil”.  Going home, however, is a different story.  You don’t want to leave, you don’t want to return to your job, your week of unread mail, your inbox, your annoying next door neighbor- whatever. Maybe the weather is cold and dreary back where you are headed, and you dread leaving the sunshine- and the last thing you want to deal with is 2 hour check-ins as the agents chat about boyfriends and weekend plans instead of scanning your dang passport, long lines, dealing with uber-“pleasant” staff along the way (do they only hire people who lack the ability to smile?), another line  at security, the oh-so-gentle-tossing of your bag because you forgot you had a tube of mascara in there and it set off the detector, repacking, getting onto anther line, finding your boarding cubicle, then sitting on evil plastic chairs (IF you can find one) with everyone else in your flight, packed in like sardines while you check emails on your phone until your battery inevitably dies because there are only 4 outlets for the entire 350 people in your area to use while you wait to be called by your zone (it’s the last one, it’s always the last one) to board your plane.  Fun times!  Airlines sure know how to make travel enjoyable.


Want to avoid that?  Really- you can.  In Jamaica you can!  I’m not kidding. Club Mobay, offered at Jamaican airports, will save you time and sanity.  The lines at the airport in Jamaica move slow, at best.  You get there with plenty of time to spare, but then wonder if you are going to make your flight.  Then people show up when their plane is boarding, so they go straight to the front of the lines, and you get to wait some more- and they are certainly moving on “Caribbean time”, which is charming when you are on vacation, but makes you want to pull your hair out when you are standing in lines that won’t end, just to wait on several more lines.


For prices starting at $15, you can skip these lines (you jump right to the front) and then head into the most relaxing lounge I have ever experienced.  While there, you are treated to included WiFi, drinks (both alcoholic and non), and quite a wide array of food options.

There are awesome Jamaican treats like beef patties, and then really non-Jamaican foods with an island twist-  like jerk chicken.  Really. Yes, I tried them, and yes, it was good.


Not only is there much to eat and drink, but there are bathrooms just for the lounge guests, chairs and couches that are actually comfortable, and a children’s play area.  There are even showers should you feel like taking one- and we all know sometimes, you really want a shower when you are traveling long distances.  Or maybe the kids did something awful and you could use it- it’s nice to have the option, for sure.


Montego Bay Airport:

Adult Arrivals Only : $50per Person

Adult departures Only: $30.    NB: departures only for adults is $35 when purchased at the airport.

Adults Bundled: $80

Children Arrivals only: $25

Children Departures only: $15

Children Bundle : $40


Kingston Airport:

Adults Arrivals Only: $25

Adults Departures Only: $ 25    NB: departures only for adults is $30 when purchased at the airport.

Adult Bundle: $50

Children Arrivals only: $15

Children Departures only: $15   NB: departures only for Children is $20 when purchased at the airport.

Children Bundle : $30

The money you spend is easily made back on sanity alone, but when you think about the cost of airport food and drinks, and throw in the wifi?  You’ve made an excellent choice.  Kids under 2 are free, as well, which is great. To book, head to http://www.vipattractions.com/clubmobay.php

Clients are offered a variety of services ranging from a personalized arrival to a superior departure service at their culturally themed airport lounges.
In 2014, alone Club Mobay got voted Best Airport Lounge in the Caribbean and America’s at the World Travel Awards while Club Kingston got voted by Priority Pass Best Airport Lounge in the World out of more than 700 competition entrants. The Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association awarded a Club Kingston Manager the “Jamaica Tourism Employee of the Year” while we won the award for Innovative Business of the Year by the Jamaica Young Entrepreneurs Association. These great wins are down to having a great Jamaican team!

Under the brands Club MoBay and Club Kingston, VIP Attractions operates two culturally themed lounges at Sangster International Airport and the Norman Manley International Airports, located in Montego Bay and Kingston respectively. VIP Attractions has kept pace in the market offering a range of service products for even the most discerning traveler.

Disclosure- I received a pass to the above to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and honest.  All photos are my own.