Vtech For Summer Travel

As we all know Summer time is trip time, be it down the street to Grandma’s house or across the ocean for vacation. There are a few similarities between all trips taken. One of which is boredom of the little ones. Back seat or a row up on a plane either way the most dreaded phrase uttered during the Summer is, “I’m bored.” This leads to noise and frustration and if siblings are involved added aggravation.

6 11 14 017V-Tech is here to help a bit with some nifty new toys for children of many different ages. We are going to look at just a few in the growing range kid’s electronics and educational toys.

First up are for our smaller ones are the Monkey Band Music Center and the Spinning Tunes Music Player both are for ages 6 to 36 months. The Monkey Band Center teaches children about music instruments with filly animal characters in an interactive format where kids play on piano keys and a beat a drum. There are two sing along songs and ten melodies to keep your kids interested and having fun. The Spinning Music Player is more along the lines of a boom box for little ones. It plays over 55 fun noises, including songs, melodies, sounds and phrases. All the while teaching music instruments and sounds as well as animals and music itself. The Monkey Band Music Center retails for #13.99 and the Spinning Tunes Music Player retails for $10.99.

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