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Disclosure- I received tickets to this show in order to review it.  All opinions are my own and honest.

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This past weekend, we headed out to Symphony Space to see the “Treehouse Shakers” preform their latest show, “Hatched”.  A puppet show about life on the farm (complete with lots of farm noises and even several chances to “pet” and interact with some of the puppets), this music and dance show was aimed at the younger audience members.

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“Hatched,” written and directed by Mara McEwin, this dance-play offers a generous mix of things that kids love; it’s part farm, part museum and all theatre. Performed via movement, handcrafted puppets, music and minimal human dialogue, the story is set at an American family farm. An adorable, fluffy chick meets a feisty old rooster, a wobbly calf learning to walk, a gaggle of dancing chicks, a lamb, and a noisy nest of baby birds.

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Intimately staged to live music performed by Anthony Rizzo, young audience members are encouraged to interact with the newborn animals as they explore their worlds. Through movement and music, the calf learns to walk, the baby birds attempt to fly, and the lamb makes a new friend with the curious hatched chick. Audience members interact and play with the characters on stage; they give the chicks their feed, milk bottles to the lamb, are licked by the cow, and feed worms to the baby birds. Babies in the audience will be enticed by the animal sounds and textures, while toddlers and preschoolers will love watching and imitating their favorite farm animals as they come to life.
Preschoolers will delight in learning about life on the farm, and older kids will be entertained by the delightful storytelling, live music and dance.

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Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature CD

Disclosure: The Pacha’s Pajamas CD was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.
Pacha's Pajamas

Who doesn’t love a little great music. “Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature” inspires children to change the world through storytelling, song, and dance.

About Pacha’s Pajamas:

Children in our world today face many obstacles and challenges unlike any past generations have ever seen. There is a big pressure on them to make the world a better place. It is very important that we make sure our children have positive role models. It is also important that our children have fun and learn to enjoy music as well as have a creative imagination.

One night while sleeping Pacha dreams that the animals and plants on her new pajamas comes alive. Disguised as a small gorilla, she comes upon an unlikely group of creatures feeling sad about the world. Nature unites to tell its captivating story at a global festival where species have come together to bring balance to the planet.
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Bob’s Favorite Sing Along Songs



Children love music, there’s no doubt about it! It brings joy to kids at such an early age we as parents want them to explore and enjoy it throughout their lives. What better way to do that with Bob McGrath’s new Favorite Sing Along Songs? You may remember Bob McGrath as a child yourself who was on Sesame Street!

With his new CD and great children’s sing along songs he once again brings some joy into our households. 30  songs , including “If Your Happy and You Know It” gets the kids engaged right from the get go. Encouraging them to get up, dance clap and sing along throughout the entire CD. He takes the all-time favorite and classic children’s songs and turns them into upbeat vibrant loads of fun to brighten any day. Out of the 30 songs, 15 of these are instrumental giving the kids a chance to sing by themselves or just listen to all the instruments within each. I like that, the first song get’s them all pumped up and singing and they can carry it out through the repeat with just the instruments. My kids got a kick out of that.

I enjoyed the way my kids were able to sing along to every song. We know them already but sometimes you hear a song that’s too fast or honestly too slow which makes the kids not want to jump in with the words. Bob did a wonderful job taking these classic songs and keeping them to what they were made for- getting those kids to fall in love with the music. It’s so important to get the kids involved , have them burst into songs is just one way to do it. Play it during clean up, play it during snack time! Get those kids on the dance floor and have them bust out some moves.
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Kindergarten Teacher’s Educational CD

Mr.Z and the Shashka Frashkas have created their first single entitled “It Starts With You.” Anyone with kids knows that you will have to have some kid’s music on hand- I especially like the kind that is not just kids singing adult songs. I don’t want my 5 year old to bring sexy back, thanks 🙂

This children’s CD, ”From A to Mr.Z” features Josh Zuckerman, who is also a kindergarten teacher. I know my son’s class is not this [Read more…]

Parallel Exit Debuts- Exit, Stage Left at Symphony Space

Saturday, October 13

Just Kidding show at 11 am (tickets $13 to $20);

grown-up show at 7:30 pm (tickets: $30)

Tickets are available now and at the door.

Parallel Exit will present the NYC public debut of their hilarious new show, Exit, Stage Left! at Symphony Space. This all-ages event tells the story of a theater performance that just can’t seem to go right.

Harkening back to the days of vaudeville, this ensemble of five presents a wide range of old-fashioned family entertainment, from tap dance to live music to slapstick comedy. Parallel Exit’s summer run of “I Love Bob” at the Joyce Theater was acclaimed by Andy Webster in the New York Times as “tirelessly inventive physical humor.”

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