Veggie Tales – Live Shows Coming to a Theater Near You

pic7Who has a child that loves Veggie Tales?  If your child loves the show as much as mine does, then you will be excited to know that Veggie Tales is touring with a live show!  The Silly Sing Along is coming to a stage near you, so don’t wait, and get your tickets now.

We went to see the show this past weekend, and had a great time.  Larry, Bob and all the gang were there with all the silly, wholesome fun you and your kids love from the TV series. The Veggies preform the songs that your family knows and loves already in a fun sing a long, while they and their human friends dance and sing on stage (and the audience does in the aisle as well).

pic5The Veggies are super excited about their new TV show!  But, which song is the silliest?  Chaos is bound to ensue when no one can agree on a favorite silly song.  A new invention is unveiled to reveal the silliest of all silly songs.  But when the machine malfunctions and Jimmy disappears, the Veggies must find a way to get along and get Jimmy back!

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Symphony Space – Theater For Kids


Disclosure- I received tickets to this show in order to review it.  All opinions are my own and honest.

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This past weekend, we headed out to Symphony Space to see the “Treehouse Shakers” preform their latest show, “Hatched”.  A puppet show about life on the farm (complete with lots of farm noises and even several chances to “pet” and interact with some of the puppets), this music and dance show was aimed at the younger audience members.

Kids Theater

symphony space

“Hatched,” written and directed by Mara McEwin, this dance-play offers a generous mix of things that kids love; it’s part farm, part museum and all theatre. Performed via movement, handcrafted puppets, music and minimal human dialogue, the story is set at an American family farm. An adorable, fluffy chick meets a feisty old rooster, a wobbly calf learning to walk, a gaggle of dancing chicks, a lamb, and a noisy nest of baby birds.

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Intimately staged to live music performed by Anthony Rizzo, young audience members are encouraged to interact with the newborn animals as they explore their worlds. Through movement and music, the calf learns to walk, the baby birds attempt to fly, and the lamb makes a new friend with the curious hatched chick. Audience members interact and play with the characters on stage; they give the chicks their feed, milk bottles to the lamb, are licked by the cow, and feed worms to the baby birds. Babies in the audience will be enticed by the animal sounds and textures, while toddlers and preschoolers will love watching and imitating their favorite farm animals as they come to life.
Preschoolers will delight in learning about life on the farm, and older kids will be entertained by the delightful storytelling, live music and dance.

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Disney on Ice presents ‘Rockin’ Ever After #KidsTheater #IceShow #Disney

In the latest touring Disney on Ice show, Rockin’ Ever After, Mickey Mouse and pals will keep little ones entertained and waiting for more- especially those who love princesses. The program began with a Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy introduction and moved on to Ariel, Tangled, (Intermission) Brave, Belle and closing with the Disney Fab 5 and cast.

This year’s show, titled “Rockin’ Ever After,” concentrates mainly on the stories from “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast”, “Tangled,” and Disney’s latest film, “Brave”.

They carry out a Rockin’ them, with Micky exclaiming “Let’s get this party rockin’!” and featuring songs by Madonna, the Go-Gos, and Cyndi Lauper (and more).

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Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

When I first heard about the live performance of How to Train Your Dragon it sounded interesting, but boy was I in for a surprise. The show is a spectacular combination of music and sights, for both adults and kids to enjoy. The show is filled with wonders, such as the combination of live action and video. One part of the show was created to look like the actor is running along a path- but in reality it was an actor running through projected and real scenery while hanging perpendicular to the screen, then all about the stage (and wall) area. The dragons were amazing, the robotics involved to make these creatures move, roar, shoot fire or lasers is truly fantastic. Shadow dragons flying above or shooting fire completed the effect, along with pyrotechnics that shot flames and tied it all together.

The pre-show Hero’s Welcome package was a great idea. The package included all of us getting dressed up as vikings for a posed picture, then meeting the main human characters (Astrid and Hiccup) for photos and Dragon Training Certifications. After the show, they had an explanation of how things worked. Pretty in Pink had to take her certificate for show and tell in school, so that she could show everyone that she is now a Dragon Trainer (she was so proud). Little Man was absolutely aglow from the idea that he was a viking and he had a chance to hold a sword and a shield. He also wanted to hug all the dragons- so no worries that they will be too scary for your little ones.
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Clifford the Big Red Dog Coming to Keswick Theatre

Clifford is coming soon to the Keswick Theater, and we cannot wait to go see the show. What child doesn’t love this Big, Red Dog?

Clifford the Big Red Dog is coming to the Keswick Theatre on Sunday, October 14TH for 2 BIG shows at 1 and 4PM to celebrate his 50TH Birthday in a special live theatrical show featuring new songs, dancing and laughter the whole family will love.
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Parallel Exit Debuts- Exit, Stage Left at Symphony Space

Saturday, October 13

Just Kidding show at 11 am (tickets $13 to $20);

grown-up show at 7:30 pm (tickets: $30)

Tickets are available now and at the door.

Parallel Exit will present the NYC public debut of their hilarious new show, Exit, Stage Left! at Symphony Space. This all-ages event tells the story of a theater performance that just can’t seem to go right.

Harkening back to the days of vaudeville, this ensemble of five presents a wide range of old-fashioned family entertainment, from tap dance to live music to slapstick comedy. Parallel Exit’s summer run of “I Love Bob” at the Joyce Theater was acclaimed by Andy Webster in the New York Times as “tirelessly inventive physical humor.”

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