Disney on Ice Presents Princesses & Heroes


Last night, we had the opportunity to see the latest Disney On Ice show, Disney on Ice Presents Princesses & Heroes.  While it was fairly heavy on the princesses and light on the heros, the kids seemed to like it (the girls more so then the boys).  There was a pretty cool scene from Sleeping Beauty where Prince Phillip fights the evil Maleficent in her dragon form that many of the kids liked, and was my son’s favorite part of the show- the dragon was large, fluorescent, and breathed smoke and fire as it chased the prince around the ice. Once slayed by the virtuous prince, the slumbering princess could be rescued.  (Note- warn the little kids ahead of time, some of the smaller ones were scared of the dragon and the noise.)


My son was hoping for Mulan (battle scenes!) or Peter Pan, but the dragon was fun.  Little miss “Aurora”  however loved every minute of the princess-fest, as did the other princesses in the audience (many of whom also came dressed as thier favorite princess.)  Of course, the audience EXPLODED when the sisters of “Frozen” skated onto the ice- or, more aptly, as soon as they heard the music being played, before you could even see the scenery that was up, lol.  Most of the second half of the show was dedicated to “Frozen”, which was just fine with most of the people there, from what I could see.  The other princess and heroes that were in attendance included Aladdin and Jasmine, Cinderella and Charming, Rapunzel and Flynn, Belle (sans Beast, though they did a great “Be Our Guest” number with Lumiere and kitchenware) Snow White and Charming, and Ariel and Prince Eric.  The Little Mermaid portion is also a fun portion for both boys and girls, since Sebastien the Crab and Flounder play prominently- and the music is a lot of fun, with much of the cast of skaters participating in the show at that time. There is a lot to see and it’s very visually stimulating- the “Under the Sea” portion is enjoyable for a lot of reasons; it’s lively, the music is very upbeat, spirited, and has a very different sound then many other songs, and there are so many cast members skating in vibrant costumes and colors.  It also opens with the cast of sailors doing tricks and flips, which is fun and something unique from the rest of the show- there is even a sailor that flips into a chair held above the rest of the “crew”- very neat!
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Disney On Ice presents Frozen

We recently saw the new Disney On Ice show, Frozen.  My son loved it, but the little miss loved it even more.  Mickey, Minnie, and friends were the first to hit the ice, which brought shouts of joy from the audience. The kids were all excited (and lets face it, everyone loves Mickey and Minnie).  But when Elsa and Anna hit the stage, the screaming and screeching from all the little girls (and plenty of their parents) was deafening.

frozen on iceAll the little Elsa’s and Anna’s in their dress up clothes, with wands and tiaras being shaken around in the air excitedly, could hardly contain themselves as the show began.

frozen liveThe songs were “sung” (or played on the speakers and lip synched) not only by the skating cast, but full volume by every little girl (and some boys) in the audience.  OK, and again- plenty of parents. You know who you are. When “Let It Go” came on, I thought the walls were going to come down, LOL.

frozen live showThe kids had a great time, and you will too.  Check out when the show is coming to your town!  Visit the Disney On Ice website (http://www.disneyonice.com) for a full listing.

frozen on iceFor more information, please read the below-

Tickets On Sale Now for Touring Skating Spectacular
Featuring Dynamic Sisters Anna and Elsa, Appearing for the First Time in a Live Production

Disney On Ice spectacular will bring the Academy Award® winning and number one animated feature film of all time, Disney’s Frozen, to life. The Academy Award® winning tale will be told live for the first time in this production, capturing the dynamic between two royal sisters, Anna and Elsa. Anna, a girl with an extraordinary heart, embarks on an epic journey to find her sister, the magical Elsa, who is determined to remain secluded as she finally feels free to test the limits of her powers. Rugged mountain man Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven, the lovable and hilarious snowman Olaf and the mystical trolls help Anna along the way in this story about love conquering fear. Audiences will get to sing along with such musical masterpieces as “Let it Go,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” and “Fixer Upper.”

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Disney On Ice- Fun for Kids

Disney on Ice is always a fun time for the kids, and newest show, “Let’s Celebrate” is no exception. This show has your child’s favorites Disney characters (such as Aladdin, Captain Hook, and Belle) celebrating the year’s holidays and festivities.  I think most of the little girls in the audience preferred “Valentines Day”, which had most of the princesses participating, and was all about Disney love and pretty things, pink and hearts and flowers.  All the little girls were screeching and cheering for their favorites princesses and princes.   My son preferred “Halloween”, which had Jack Skellington (who we have never seen before in a Disney show, he was new to us) leading a pack of ghouls, goblins, and Disney’s “best” villains in a fun ice dance.  My 6 year old was also very exited to see Cruella deVil, whom we also have not seen before- these are two of his favorites and he actually screamed with delight at both of them.  He never reacts like that, so I was both amused and happy to see him so extra enthusiastic.
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Disney On Ice #TreasureTrove

I think attending a Disney on Ice show is something every child should do at least once in their life.

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Treasure Trove opened with the Incredibles getting the kids up and out of their seats, for a bit of stretching and movement- to some 80’s rock music, which is always amusing to me. As the skaters and kids bopped to “We got the Beat” and “Pump Up the Jam”, it hopefully got some of the wiggles out and got them ready to sit still for a bit. As the Incredibles made their exit, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy entered front and center to the delight of the kids.

pic 1Mickey and his buddies gave a short introduction to the show, and to the opening act- Alice in Wonderland. It’s not often that Alice makes an appearance, so we liked seeing her. There was of course, a “Mad” tea party, which was interrupted by some card soldiers and an every-petulant queen of hearts. We all enjoyed this act, the card soldiers spun about the ice, did some fun and military-looking marches/dances and the queen carried her well known pink-flamingo croquet mallet while chasing Alice and the poor White Rabbit about. Some “odd ticking” Alice noticed brought out the next act, Peter Pan (OK, the transitions were always a little…forced? But the kids don’t care or notice, and what kind of grown up goes to these for a theatrical experience? LOL Also, of course, most of the show is a mash-up of sorts of other Disney “on ice” shows, but the kids never notice or get tired of it- it is ALWAYS a treat and they love it every time. They just freshen up and mix them up, add the newest characters, and voila! Happy kids.)

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Disney on Ice presents ‘Rockin’ Ever After #KidsTheater #IceShow #Disney

In the latest touring Disney on Ice show, Rockin’ Ever After, Mickey Mouse and pals will keep little ones entertained and waiting for more- especially those who love princesses. The program began with a Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy introduction and moved on to Ariel, Tangled, (Intermission) Brave, Belle and closing with the Disney Fab 5 and cast.

This year’s show, titled “Rockin’ Ever After,” concentrates mainly on the stories from “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast”, “Tangled,” and Disney’s latest film, “Brave”.

They carry out a Rockin’ them, with Micky exclaiming “Let’s get this party rockin’!” and featuring songs by Madonna, the Go-Gos, and Cyndi Lauper (and more).

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